January 19, 2008

Our Angel

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Yesterday Friday the 19 January 2008 I kissed Delwyn bye bye in the morning she was laying as a warm little purring bundle in my bed where she had been all night.

When I came back from work I found a different cat she was cold and almost gone,
in a very twisted awkward position.

I had to rush her to the vet, I was in panic I have to admit, I wrapped her in a baby blanket and I drove with her in my lap she was in such horrible pain I was not prepared for this.

Stupidly I had thought her pain would come slow and she would one day not be so mobile not so curious and I would then know the end was close.

But it didn’t happen that way, in a few hours it happened so fast.
I wished I had not gone to work that day.
I wish I had listened to my self and stayed home. But then I have felt to stay home with her every morning since she got sick.

It was very fast luckily I live just a few houses from the vet close enough I was actually for a second thinking if I should just run with her in my arms.

I am pretty sure that she felt how much we truly love her and that she seldom had to feel alone and I doubt she ever felt unprotected. She was a very loving cat and would have grown up to a rare beauty if she had been allowed.

We miss her terrible, we even miss the fact she sort of woke us a couple of times each night as she change position or rather whom she snuggled up with, she used to sleep very close to our faces her soft purring was what woke me up each time she came back.

I am grateful for the time I had her and I am happy to be part of a rescue organization whom actually care about the cats that will not survive and whom will not be adopted and bring money back, an organization that really care about the animal them self first and most. And Delwyn was one lucky little cat who was found by them.

January 7, 2008


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tomorrow Delwyn is going to the vet, we are all slightly nervous about what he will say.. her belly has shrunk a little more today and today she is a bit happier yesterday was’nt a good day.
so me and the girls had some fun this eve over a cup of tea before bed so this post wont be long my bed and my bed buddy Vaungh is calling on me.

Yestersday we toke Vaughn to the store as one of his brothers (Merric) was going home to his new family. (i am so happy for Him and his new family)
so Bran would be all alone in his cage so it was time for Vaughn to go to the store, I have to admit I had a heavy feeling in my belly when i drove to the store, and Vaughn was protesting loudly in His transport bag i seriously doubt it ws due to the girly pattern on it.

when we let him down with his brothers he hissed and growled at them perhaps he did’nt reogise them or he just wanted to establish a new order…
any way he wasnt in the store for more then a hour and some one toke great intrest in him and hopeefully he will soon get a new family.
But we didnt leave him there in the cage because little Bran was adopted that evening to ( happy for him and his family as well)
so we packed Vaughn back i to the transport bag (same girly pattern) and he didnt protest as much not sure if it was because he was to tired or if he knew we where going back home..
But that night in bed her crawled up to me closer and closer purring his amzing purr and ended up on my arm netsled in and he lifted his face to mine and licked me softly ad then just streched and purred i could really tell he was so happy to be back home his never showed so much affection and comfort at same time.. These are the times when you just want to call the shelter and say sorry his mine,, or you know that long haird cat well you know he got out his gone,,,

Sleeping with the cats has proven to be the best way to gain there trust but it comes with a prize and that prize are that you get attacthed to them you learn each little personality treat they have and tahst how you grow to love a cat…

like Vaughn whom comes to me every morning with his ball and wants to play fetch His well mannered tought as he waits till the alarm clock rings before he starts chirping for attention.
and each night he wants some play time and some cuddling..

and he has the most amazing purr ever ….

night night /m

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