February 11, 2008


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see how she laughs
see how happy she is

it warms my heart so much to see this when she competes

its been a long time since she came with tears now and i am happy for that and yes they still do even in her age
they work so hard for this and when in the water they give it all in such a short time i saw many girls come up crying both
seeking out theire moms thought they where over twenty in this moment when it all is done and all tension gone and all streanght left in the pool they still are our little girls and boys.
i saw boys whom realy are men act again as little boys and it warms my heart to see how strong the family bounds are it realy comes clear in these situations tehy still seek us for comfort as well as acknowlidge when they done something great….

and Elin did great all weekend through..

Elin broke the school record in 100y breast stroke twice,,, hehe her own the last time.
and i was so proud even if i always are, now her name will be on the wall by the pool untill the day someone breaks her record..
and i think she swam her personal best in every event she was in..

we drove up friday morning its absolutly grogus up in the mountines and it was a clear and sunny day when we drove up, me an the girls plus two cats.
We stayed the weekend at a hotel next to the pool and did nothing besides watch tv read and go to the meets.

the girls had made great posters to support the team and ofcause big sis.
we screamed and cheerd on so our throats hurt, swimming can be so intensive…

on the way home we hit a huge snow storm it was like a white wall and i had to stop on the side of the road it toke us 3,5 hrs to drive home insteed of 2 partly due to that we where behind a service truck and was told over radio not to pass them so we couldnt go faster the 35and perhaps that was good cause it was very slippery and i was very very happy to be home..

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