February 1, 2008

Cats and more Cats

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This is not my cats its P.A.L.S cats that today been trying to get to pose for me
its very diffrent to photograph cats from kids (hehe)
some are so much cuter in real life
but i am learning …..

January 30, 2008

Meet Wilma

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This is Wilma she came to us yesterday or i picked her up yesterday
the photo is not very good but its hard to take her picture as she just wants to be
petted and loved so i cant stay that far away from her to actually take a photo…
She has a bad eye infection so but we are working on it…
I am glad she isnt out today in the storm with her cold but cuddled up in my warm house
she will stay her till she is well and can be in the store to find a forever home..


January 22, 2008

Why i do this

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I wounder sometimes why i do this
its so much work, and it tears your heart out every time I leave a kitten in the store.
But it is great each time i meet a new mom or dad an adopter whom eagerly listens to what i have to tell of thiere new little kitten..

then I see photos like this
and i know why i do this
why i go through ringworms fleas, and bites and scratches and all the worries that comes along with a small small life

I do it because its so damn rewarding to see a kitten come out of its shelll gain confident and grow in all the ways possible knowing he or she has a bright future ahead in a loving family
I do it for all the purrs i get and all the little paws that dance over me when we play
i do it cause i coudl not just go aroudn knowing there are kittens out in the cold with illnesses and with out food and most importendly with out love and a future

i give me hope i guess that is what it does

January 18, 2008

when moments is precious

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Yesterday we got the final test result and Delwyn has F.I.P
this photo is from today she is happily unaweare about how sick she realy are,,,
and we will try hard to ignore it to and savor the time we have her

January 2, 2008

Delwyn a glimmer of hope

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Delwyns belly seems to have shrunk.. It really should not if it’s FIP
so we started measure it and we do measure it 3 times and dived it with three each time we measure as its hard to know if you measure at the same place since yesterday it seems like she shrunk a whole inch and a quarter. But we hold our breath yet and will keep measuring if she keeps shrinking we will on the third day rush her back to the vet because then it truly cant be FIP or she is the miracle cat whom fights it.

Today my middle daughter been in bed all day working on her lap top reading books doing homework etc but most of all she has been a pillow and a loving support for Delwyn…
We want Delwyn to know she is so loved so loved…
This evening I spoon feed her baby food (turkey) and after that she was purring like crazy She has been a little down today so we where happy when she started to purr again.
Last night we got her to eat vet cat (kitten) food we think that may have caused her to have a bit of a belly ache and is the reason why we thought she was a little down today cause in the eve she gulped down the baby food and was all happy again…

We have planed for if and found a small nice little animal cemetery that only are a few minutes away and we spoke to our vet and we can come whenever we need to it sounded like..

Yesterday i was at the store saying bye bye to one of Delwyns brothers whom now have a nice home, it made me warm and happy I needed that…
I also got to hear nice thinsg from my friends/ other volunteers,, thinsg like… “she is where she belongs and she is loved” etc it helps.
I found out i need a few minutes of supportive talk each day just to feel I am sane..
Tomorrow school starts and Delwyn has to be alone for a few hours thankfully i do not need to be at work until noon so its only three hours, we decided she will have some nice music playing and we are picking out some teddy bears for her..

Some where, some how in all this we still hope she are or will be the miracle cat…

We can’t do more then hope and wait and hope

December 30, 2007


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This is Delwyn one off our foster kittens she came to us not long ago with her 4 brothers, I had seen her a week earlier and called my oldest directly to tell “I seen a cat I want to adopt..”
but we both knew I would not, as Alice is still a kitten and i think we should enjoy each cat as they are a kittens.
Anyway me and my oldest went to see her and her brothers she was shy and timid and very small compared to her big and playfull brothers.
A few days later the shelter called to ask me if i could take these five kittens a week or so just cause they where not really soical enough i laughed and said more then yes.

I picked the five of them up in two carriers and after a little driving they where all purring so loudly i feard for me falling a sleep behind the wheels..
Yes they where a bit shy but not so bad as we are used to.
allready the first day we noticed ring worm one one of the short haird boys and I knew from that moment I wouldn’t have these lovely kittens just a week but at least 4.
After that followed a carzy time with lime dips every second day off 7 cats and sponge bathing my dog (did i say its harder to foster kittens then you may think?)

the kittens grew and we learned each of there personalities Merric the forward one a cuddliy cat whom came running as soon as we came in and whom wanted a lot off attention but also was one off the wilder boys Bran the shyest one Dewlyn the cuddly lap girl Brin was play full and wild. There was the three short haird boys. Brothers-brother i called them as tehy where very hard to tell apart exept for there behavoir. They all race around and fight toumble so badly we thought the was tearing the whole room up.
Vangh the handsome, he was allways watching his sibling allways last to eat thought he was the largest allmost twice the size of his siblings, he was the care taker a worry worm.

when it was time to take the kittens to the store Vangh had developed ring worm and we decided to keep him and Delwyn as his company She was so adopitable so cute and still so little, we where not worried she wouldn’t get a good home even if she was a few weeks older when she came to the store. It was actually good the three brothers wouldn’t have to compete whit her and Vangh as they was two beauties.
Vangh relaxed a bit when he didn’t have to watch out for his wild three brothers all the time, and came slowly closer to us.

Dewlyn however was ready to be adopted she had been that for a long time she sleeps all the time on top of my doughter or my chest she purrs like crazy and is just as sweet as a kitten can be.
When i describe Delwyn I say she looks like a kitten on a birthday card you get from grand mom when you are six and wants nothing more then a kitten of your own, and its true go to the store and check for your self if its a kitten and its not a orange tabby its a image of Delwyn.
she is not handsome or a beatuy as her big big brother Vaung but she is cute sweet and extremly loveable.
She has clear green eyes now they are still yellow in the photo for some reason sometimes they come out yellow others green.

The horrible started on the 17 of dec i called our contact person at the shelter and said Dewlyns belly is so big and she is so skinny i just dont think this is right i know i am a silly cat mom but please do you think you have time to com and feel so i can be calm its surely nothing remeber i toke my dog to the vet for she was losing hair when she was sheding (not when she was a puppy either)….

She came and seh gave the two kittens more word medication and said if her belly dont go down in 48 hrs we have to take her to the vet.
her belly grew it didn’t go down and we where told to separate the cats.

On thursday the 20 i was told she may have FIP I can hardely recall that day…
Friday morning she was taken to the vet by a dear freind whom to is a volunteer as i couldnt get out from work ( had deadlanines that very day) and my parents had arrived this wednsday for celebrating Christmas with us.

we got no answers lab works had to be done, i read up on FIP its fatal and contaguous my first thought was she is going to die nooooooo,,,, my sceond was are all my cats going to die for me now???? heelp…………
I was so sceard i was numb, i was so uppset i was mute i didnt tell my midle doughter the one whom realy are the volunteer and whom this cat loves so much.
I decided to not tell her untill we knew cause the pain to not know was allmost unbarable, i wanted to scream and cry but nothing came.
23 Dec we had our cleaning duty at the shelter and finaly me and our cordinator told my middle doughter.
24 Dec the test wasn’t good she needed more tests liquid from her huge swollen belly.
Christmas eve (when we celebrate christmas) i toke the little kitten whith the now huge bely and snuck away to my vet i needed help i needed to ask qustions i needed moral support. my vet is great expensive but great whit all the paition in the world she checked what all the test would cost (way over $400) and she explined each and every one of them she told me FIP can not be tested we can not say its is with 100% knowlidge that it is FIP we can test for everything else and rule things out.
she gave me advice about my other cats and Delwyn, she told me to come back with my cats when all this was over to set up a plan for them.
and she answered the most importend question of all…… Delwyn may feel a bit uncomftiable due to her huge belly but she was in NO pain YET…

the shellter we volunteer for is a no kill shelter we can not put Delwyn down or will not untill the qulity of her life is bad, right now she seems content she waddles around with her oversized belly she purrs and cuddles she trys to play and she has a very positive demur about her self, secretly we think we can achive a miracle and save her, Yesterday we bought her kitten milk replcament and human baby food with nothing added to it veal and turky and chicken.
she sleeps nestled into my doughters hair or ear or cheek very close she greets each of us when we enter the room by walking up and staright into the lap where she setles down and purrs.

26 of dec we took her back to the shelters vet and for more tests.
in teh office my tears came i couldn’t hide the fact more she is very very sick she will probably not make it no matter how much i try.

28 of december the test results came back and they wasn’t good.
FIP is a terrible deasise that we know way to little about. apperently its something moste rescue cats will have been exposed for but very very few debvelop.
cats under 6 months and over 12 years are most likely at risk to develop it the cats in between normaly get a cold insteed.
Chester my big boy has a cold right now, and lost his voice.
His feelings are terrible hurt as we laugh so hard at him when he try to talk and all that comes out is some crooking noises.
I have no idea if its FIP or if its just a regular cold, right now i don’t want to go to the vet not yet i know i will soon anyway.
Vangh sits in my room next to the vent and talks to his sister whom is on the other side when we are not in the room they miss each other terrible and i know i have to arrange a good bye for them. Vangh is probably going to the store within a few days to join his brothers hopefully his more relaxed and will join there wild play…
now is reality calling for me doughters to drive and laundry to clean and a cat whom i want to spend a lot of time with (or 4)

September 30, 2007

my first Wp post

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Dinner is done and its late but the kids are baking so i have a few minutes to test this.

Me and the girls has just come back home from PALS where we clean cages and try to socialize and cuddle and play with the cats and invite people to play and meet them in hope of finding them good homes…

Pals do reject people and they have a no kill policie i think thats some of the reasons why i picked them… Every time i am there i fall in love with at least one often a whole bunch of cats and in the back of my head i think could ?? just one more??? But i know Pals will find them great homes eventually and while they wait i am one of those helping out making their life somewhat great… and then i always buy some silly stuff to Vanja, Alice and Chester.. today we found cat milk for Alice a bark bar for Vanja and actually Chester got nothing cuase he cant eat any fun things and right now my house is so filled of cat toys i really do not need a other one…

well the kids are about done so this will have to do, as my very first post in my new Wp blog


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