July 5, 2008

Our Last Litter

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Maja Our latest mom

she had 4 kittens and i am sure i have earlier photos then this but this was aone warm day when she decided the cage was just to hot to stay in.
Maja is a beauty we do think she is a Norviegen Forrest cat and she has a very sweet nature however she is way to young to be a mom and is pretty clueless, she didnt do anything right when they was born and i am glad i was home when it happend.
now she never been able to lift her babies and they all was very early whit climbing out of the cage so i would wake up in the middle of the night cuase some one had crawled out and then was standing screaming wanting back in to the cage. Now they are old enough to climb my bed where then mostely are found.


This is little Agnes

she is the smallest in the litter and my girls named her after their youngest cousin.

This is Katja

she is named after our former dog as she has the same colors and she is a wild little thing extremly cute and she has the litters best “who me” look.

This is Anton

He was for the longest time just to darn cute for a boys name, but finaly my girls decided he was cute as thier cuosin anton and so he and his sister got their names.

saddly this photo do not show how cute he really are.

we also have


whom are named after my favorite toy my little soft rabbit with whom i could not sleep without for way to may years as a child.

he got his name due to the fact his gray and his a cuddler and he was the first one whom sleept cuddling with me a whole night.

first we had russian names on all of them Ivan Boris Katja and Nadja.

These are our last litter and they are now soon turning 6 weeks so its not long time left with them.

Wiliam one of Wilmas kittens was teh first one to be adopted soon followed by the two gray kittens whom i didnt really want to let go off i am still a bit uppset about it as i had said i wanted to keep the girl. they are two gorgous kittens a mix of russian blue and main coone and domestic short hair. really cute kittens.

and two days ago Bellas kittens Sofia and Axel was adopted. Irma and Tilda are in the store so we will soon have only momies in our house and no matter how tired we are off cleaning litter boxes and all other sort of messes little kittens make, i think we all are a bit sad that the season is soon ending.

Here they are a little younger


June 2, 2008

Recycle my contribution

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Guess what I am making

Recycling trash

Messure and cut

punch the edges for a nicer finish

paint it several times some papers are thin so i dont want anything to shine through

May 30, 2008

Semi… there is so much cuteness in my house

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Today my DD Lovisa had her first real Dance the dress has been hanging in her closet for a while and her shoes has been carefully walked in indoors and today a pedicure and manicure was on the schedule four close friends was going to get dressed and put make up on eachother (i am guessing) i was the nice mom whom drove dresses and then sleeping attire to the house where they all will sleep after the dance. I was a little sad they didnt want to get ready in our house as we are closest to school but with all the cats i guess it was good they didnt.

any way i had time to take a few photos sadly it had allready became dark enough for need of flash and most photos came out bad but here she is my little beauty


But when i got two text messages to keep me informed about whom she had danced with during not after but during
it all made up for the fact she didnt get her self ready here at home. She is so close to me and she shares so much with me it just comes natural for her to speak to me about her every day things and i am so happy we have that relation i truly truly consider my self as fortune…
fortune enough to not write what she texted me thought i so want to.


I try to tell my self i should blog more often and write about every day things that happens as so much happens in my life that i want to rember share and just get of my chest but every night when i get to bed i am so exhusted there is simply not possible or i force my self and I am not writting all to good, just kind of rushing through the things i want to get down.

Cleaning and feeding all these cats takes a lot of time and i am realy worne out when i am done for the night lucky for them they are so cute…

Fridays I drive kittens for P.A.L.S to the vet i pick them up at the store where i volunteer and drive to Dr T whom is a good 30 mins away often with some where between 5 to 20 cats in the car i think i been over 20 but i cant rember today it was twenty and it was nosy i am happy i ahad three kids and are sort good on not letting whining get to me i can close it out pretty good and concentarte on driving I have to say cats is way harder then kids all of a sudden some one gives up a heartstopping scream and i have no idea why and what and i cant ask them and the sound can be comletly new to me as it may be a kitten i havent meet before

sylvester Emil Nisse loved child has many names and this lil cute boy is deeply loved his a cuddle bug but playfull his gonna be a big big boy i think

Pixie Molly Ida we cant decide on these kittens they are so cute and just as full of mischeif as they look

i can hear the little paws waddle and run and jump all day long they are so sweet so sweet and thiere mom is the best kitten i have in the house she is just a pleasure and some one gave her up i cant belive how one could give a cat like her up she is nothing but love ..

tomorrow i will bring WIlmas three kittens to the store its whit a heavy heart i am doing that but i know this is the best WIlma is so thin i need to get meds into he and she needs a break cuase she aint taking one she is sucha super mom she still nurses them like crazy they are truky to old o get that much milk.

oh now i can bearly keep my eyes open i guess blogging in the morning is my thing and not in the night

May 28, 2008

7 Weeks

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Majken will stay in the family and she is a bit extra spoiled she gets to come down and be with us in the living room she isnt afraid of Vanja nor of Chester and she and Alice play like crazy.. Alice is still so much a kitten her self. then she gets all tired and curls up on moms shoulder it looks so cute when she falls asleep there just like a baby.
I have to say she is one of the cutest kittens i seen and pretty much just like the cat i pointed out a cpl of months ago and said that is my dream cat look wise…


Here is Axel i think his a cute little boy very very cuddly He will grow up to be a great cat Elin has souch trouble thinking about giving them up she keeps saying she wants to keep them all, but she cant.

Kajsa is the other long hair kitten I helped delivering her she is a sweet cat full of energy and i think her stark contrasting markings


We took out the kittens to take the 7weeks photos but this time they keept getting back into the bag and they are so fast now.

Axel and no i didnt name him after my brother elin named him after her uncle i guess

Wilmas Kittens
They do not much like living in the new room or at least mom dont but i have to keep them there now this is Tilda and Irma.
Tilda is wild fearless and yet she is the purrbox of the group a perfect little kitten so so full of life.

and Irma is just as sweet as she looks she is a bit shyer but that is just her way she goes about things a little more careful
smart cat i think..

Here is all three of Wilmas kittens they have the bluest eyes ever and they are two days older then Bellas whoms eyes shifted a while backmy girls keeps saying perhpas they keep them but i doubt that.

Irma isnt she just the ctuest look at that little expression who can resist but picking her up and snuggle with her giving her all the love and then some till she protest wildly and runs off.

May 23, 2008

In the midle of no where

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Wilma my protective mom cat finaly had to move out of my bed room after putting up with months of her smelly litter box (she has a belly i cant get well untill the kittens are no longer breastfeeding) But that was not what finaly made me give up oh no i dont give in that easy thought some nights i weak up by the smell and have to clean in the middle of nigh, nope it was after a week of her making her kittens do there busines in my bed every every night she jsut do not want them to grow up so when ever they try to use the litter box she walks over and picks them up and as of laetly brining them to my warm comfy bed and there she licks them as cat moms do to make the kittens pee or so but the kittens are now 7 weeks and they do no longer pee just a little so she cant take care of it which means i weak up in a pee stinking bed.

I do love my Wilma and i will miss her and her lil kittens i have a spcial bound with Wilma she do love me so much she started giving birth in my lap and i am just like her a pretty protective mom so i guess we have something in common thought i think she is worse then me *hehe*

So now Wilma is in a room behind the bathroom where Maja was (ohh havent presented Maja yet)……. will do that a other day now Maja lives in my room with her 4 born kittens.

I have photos of Tilda William and Irma as 7 weeks to post when i get back home, we are on the road now me and the lil once (Elin had to stay home and watch all 19 cats plus Vanja.)

On the way up here to Penn State we had decided to stop for food and the mom whom drove stoped pretty much as soon as we got of the turnpike and it just happend to be a truck stop a real one and i had to admit that i always wanted to stop at one. One that was just like in the movies where you sit by the bar and eat pie apple pie or blue berry pie

I thought it was funny the kids not so much, it was so smoky i forgotten how resturants could be when people was allowed to smoke all over or as in this case just did’nt care about non smoking areas. the food was great my burger was about the best one i had in a long time the fries not so. i so wish i had not forgotten the camera in the car i so would loved to take photos in there of the people and the little pay tv at each table,, well well perhaps they wouldnt have let me insteed i slowly chewed my burger while taking it all in my friend leand over the table and said this is in the midle of no where for real and smiled this due to that i had told her my family think that i live in the midle of no where now and not as exciting as when i lived in the bay area. well the food there in the midle of no where was good….

now the kids are turning the lights off its time to sleep for three nights we are going to be here in Penn state for a vollayball tournament, the last one of the season.

night night /m

May 17, 2008


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This looks so familiar and made me smile a little bit extra..(looks like the Swedish flag well a type of flag not sure what that is called in english)

Today was DDs boyfriends Graduation at Widener  it was a long event but we where lucky with the weather, and  I got to meet more of His family I am so lucky,, what would it been like if I thought they was absolutly horribale (uhm well i rearly think that of people) or absolutly borring (well that is more usual) but i do like them a lot and feel at home around them…

geeeeze yes i am sooo agreeing on the saying small children small problem big kids big problem but in this case no problem what so ever i had a nice relaxing time small talking and laughing with his family …

Not very many grads actually threw the hats but i managed to get one on a pic i was sort of hoping to see a rain of hats.

I have no ideahow many hundred students that was reciving their diploma today but i got lots of ideas for DDs grad i told her i will make loads off noise as wasnt allowed to celebrate her the way we do when the kids graduate the so called gymansium which is sort of like high shcool yet not, anyway that is kind of big back home and at the day of grad the parents and family will come get the kids with huge posters and ballons and crazy things and then drive them home in crazy rides the carzier or original the better…

so I said i had to at least be allowed to make some noise when she was graduating Widener adn she agreed or was it just to get me silent ??

You could allmost think we picked widener for its school colors.

After the garduation i hurried home to see that youngest DD was safe away at Dance, she had naturally forgotten the three skirts i hade made and all her make up so i hurried and made it in time just a few minutes before the dress reherashal started…  so all the little fishes would have skirts I made 6 of 11 I wish i had helped more i feel for all dance teachers this time off the year when the glu and stich all night long to get all costumes done for the reciatal..

This time of the years is allmost unhumanly busy spring concerts for band and orchestra and chaproning feild trips that tend to come more frequently during this warmer time of the year the graduations of all sorts and after school well we have after school things dance reciatials the last final and huge competions (volleball for my part)

Thankfully the swim season is since long over i dont think i could rund between more events then i am currently doing…

This is Fridas best friend at dance they have been dancing togheter in two diffrent compnies and since they was 6 and 7 years old ,,, and i just happen to think they are just made to be infront of the camera. they are jsut gorgous

after dinner we went on a walk and got water ice, i got a kids soft ice cream and shared it with Vanja (the dog)

she do need to be a bit spoiled as she puts up with so many cats right now and shares her family with so many

the kids protested and said she would be sick and fat and i do not know all the reasons they had for me not to let the dog have some,, and she  realy didnt get very much and absolut;y no choclate…

sleepy head can bearly see what she writesnight night…..


Bellas kittens 5 weeks

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Meet Kajsa 5 weeks

Meet Majken 5 weeks

Meet Axel 5 weeks

Meet Sofia 5 weeks

And tomorrow they turn 6 weeks i am so bad on updating.

There is only two more weeks before we have to say bye to these lil angels its is going to be hard even if its a lot of work…..



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I am so greatfull for the music education my younger girls get in school. Lovisa Play Violin and flute and sings plus she is thought some other instrument along the way.
This is from the spring concert a few days ago, They played the music that they this Friday was playing at the music in the parks a competion that the school attends each year. The toke second place with this and first with the singing. For me its is so importend that the school spend time and money on these subjects i only wish they had a little more art, but i am glad they do have it.


May 14, 2008

Wilmas Kittens 5 weeks

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Tilda Is the first borne a funny girl brave and full of life she is happily posing for the camera or well at least not afraid for the flash
William the only boy looks almost the same his however a bit shyer, but usally its Tilda and WIliam whom tumble around in my bed, biting eachoters tails and ears and what ever else they can get hold of Irma will stay on the side most of the time but she is getting into the play more and more.

Tilda she falls asleep on my chest each night and stay there untill i sleep Wiliam he sleeps close by and irma alittle bit further off.
they are just getting funnier and funnier i have to say this is the age i love even if its loads of work its also loads of fun.
My days right now is crazy i feed cats several times a day and clean boxes at least three times a day.
Time passes so fast and soon i wont have them around and i will miss them

Today a Adopter whom adopted two kittens i fosterd last summer called me, he called to ask if I had gotten His message on mothers day cause he called to wish me happy mothers day from him and the cats, its so cute> I so want to go visit them but right now my days are way to busy but i will one day I do not think the will recognize me but part of me hope they will specaly Markus my lil prince.
He was such a loving cat when he left and he was a monster compleatly feral when we got him..
Well its bed time in the crazy cat house its fifteen here now i know i have not yet presented Maja but i will soon and soon show Bellas kittens at five weels hope fully before they get to be six weeks

night night /m

May 9, 2008

4weeks and growing

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This photo is from last week i was playing a bit with making gifts cards for PALS
this is Tilda one of Wilmas little kittens the moste outgoing and curious one whom was most likely to put up with a photoshoot like thsi one
today they are 5 weeks and i am planing to at least get a few photos before bed time
Isnt she just the cutest

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