March 28, 2008

Easter Swap my first Swap

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I did get my packige long ago but i been away on easter vacction and

well life just been to busy for me finaly i have a chance to sit down and uppload a photo of the lovely goodies i was sent by Dawn

I am going to have so much fun with this………

We both sent eachother two spoons and i was allmost getting her the MM to glad i didnt but very happy i now have them they are soooo cute

but gwd the black and white and pink papers with crowns and all omg love them they are from Theresa Collin

as a mom of three girls ow am i gonna have fun with these but i may use them for my queen whom is laying on her royal spot in the middle of my bed with a HUGE belly right now… (my foster cat Wilma)

Today i am picking up a second preg mommie at the vet when i do the vet round, as i am currently out of contract i try to help a bit extra with the cats today that means i will pick up kittens in two diffrent foster homes plus the store i think i will be driving 8 cats perhaps more i am not entirely sure right now, wont be a record thought….

hehe call me the crazy cat lady i am starting to fit the title more and more ….

Ohh I almost forgot yesterday was the Big reveal night at Studio Calico and it was beautiful as ever and i was the lucky winner of one of the RAK’s they had to celebrate the event with I am sooooo excited cant wait to get my order this month.

Now all i need is some free time where i actully can allow my self to sit down and just create and not work all the time……

Oh yes i said I am out of contract but that do not mean i am out of things I have to do oh nooooo,, I have to apply for job and i have to do some free bee sites where i can learn new stuff and develop as well as I want to help out.

plus i allwasy have a looooooooooooooong list of things i need to learn or update. Right now i am trying to learn ASP along with brushing up my illustrator skills, when i am done with Illustrator i will tackle flash as i havent used that very much as of lately. and the list just goes on and on….both my dear sistes needs some things done and i have to squeeze that in some where (want to)

and i am also a little bit curious about if i could make digital kits well thats something that will be far down on my list…

for now i think my cofee break is over and i have to start tackle a new page for a none profit dance company whom do dance camps for children in need…

yes i do limit my freebees to things i do care for deeply, its just i care for a lot of things hehe..

have a great spring day


January 28, 2008


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My dear lil girl turns 14
I am totaly worn out after this long day
so will only post photos of the card i made her it was a fast creation and the photos are slightly blurry

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