February 11, 2008


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see how she laughs
see how happy she is

it warms my heart so much to see this when she competes

its been a long time since she came with tears now and i am happy for that and yes they still do even in her age
they work so hard for this and when in the water they give it all in such a short time i saw many girls come up crying both
seeking out theire moms thought they where over twenty in this moment when it all is done and all tension gone and all streanght left in the pool they still are our little girls and boys.
i saw boys whom realy are men act again as little boys and it warms my heart to see how strong the family bounds are it realy comes clear in these situations tehy still seek us for comfort as well as acknowlidge when they done something great….

and Elin did great all weekend through..

Elin broke the school record in 100y breast stroke twice,,, hehe her own the last time.
and i was so proud even if i always are, now her name will be on the wall by the pool untill the day someone breaks her record..
and i think she swam her personal best in every event she was in..

we drove up friday morning its absolutly grogus up in the mountines and it was a clear and sunny day when we drove up, me an the girls plus two cats.
We stayed the weekend at a hotel next to the pool and did nothing besides watch tv read and go to the meets.

the girls had made great posters to support the team and ofcause big sis.
we screamed and cheerd on so our throats hurt, swimming can be so intensive…

on the way home we hit a huge snow storm it was like a white wall and i had to stop on the side of the road it toke us 3,5 hrs to drive home insteed of 2 partly due to that we where behind a service truck and was told over radio not to pass them so we couldnt go faster the 35and perhaps that was good cause it was very slippery and i was very very happy to be home..

January 28, 2008


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My dear lil girl turns 14
I am totaly worn out after this long day
so will only post photos of the card i made her it was a fast creation and the photos are slightly blurry

January 26, 2008

Dance, dance and Volleball

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Today Frida preforme at the Wachovia stadium
Thats huge at least her mom thinks so

we have soon to run off to rehersal so this will be short we have been hunting silver makeup
after dropping Lovisa at her tournament and i was only able to see one game so far
today i wish i could be at two well actually three as Elin has a swim meet,,,,
hmm why not four when i am at it as i so want to stay home and scrap.

I will update thsi tomrrow or later tonight if i am still able to see the keyboard


January 23, 2008


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Today Frida was feeling a bit sick so she wasn’t going to dance which meant I would get a evening off driving *whoho*
I was thinking of all I was going to do first some laundry and paper work boring bills and school papers that needed to be taken care off especially since this weekend is going to be sooooooooo busy..

I was happily thinking about all I could do this night while driving home from the gym
(Yapp I got there finally)…
Just now I am done whit all the boring stuff and its well past my bed time *hehe* so much for playing with illustrator or perhaps adding some style to this poor blog or even writing a long text about the upcoming weekend with Frida performing at the big Wachovia stadium and Lovisa’s volleyball tournament.

Well another evening perhaps,,,,
I really do need a new lap top so I could do these sorts of things from bed.
My old lap top wont start unless you want to wait a hour or so and I am asleep before I got the dang thing to load any programs and internet well lets say it connect sometimes and I mean sometimes…

Well after all it’s been a great day I am so happy I got to go to the gym I decided we can’t eat dinner together as often as I want or I will never see the gym and I talked the girls through making dinner while driving… I knew I wouldn’t get any as I was going to be home only 10 mins before we had to leave for Frida’s dance,,, but she was feeling ill and we had a candle lit dinner, lasagna made by the girls whom even sat the table while I toke a swift shower

Off to bed I am
It’s been a long but good day
And I have plenty of other days to do things on


January 7, 2008


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tomorrow Delwyn is going to the vet, we are all slightly nervous about what he will say.. her belly has shrunk a little more today and today she is a bit happier yesterday was’nt a good day.
so me and the girls had some fun this eve over a cup of tea before bed so this post wont be long my bed and my bed buddy Vaungh is calling on me.

Yestersday we toke Vaughn to the store as one of his brothers (Merric) was going home to his new family. (i am so happy for Him and his new family)
so Bran would be all alone in his cage so it was time for Vaughn to go to the store, I have to admit I had a heavy feeling in my belly when i drove to the store, and Vaughn was protesting loudly in His transport bag i seriously doubt it ws due to the girly pattern on it.

when we let him down with his brothers he hissed and growled at them perhaps he did’nt reogise them or he just wanted to establish a new order…
any way he wasnt in the store for more then a hour and some one toke great intrest in him and hopeefully he will soon get a new family.
But we didnt leave him there in the cage because little Bran was adopted that evening to ( happy for him and his family as well)
so we packed Vaughn back i to the transport bag (same girly pattern) and he didnt protest as much not sure if it was because he was to tired or if he knew we where going back home..
But that night in bed her crawled up to me closer and closer purring his amzing purr and ended up on my arm netsled in and he lifted his face to mine and licked me softly ad then just streched and purred i could really tell he was so happy to be back home his never showed so much affection and comfort at same time.. These are the times when you just want to call the shelter and say sorry his mine,, or you know that long haird cat well you know he got out his gone,,,

Sleeping with the cats has proven to be the best way to gain there trust but it comes with a prize and that prize are that you get attacthed to them you learn each little personality treat they have and tahst how you grow to love a cat…

like Vaughn whom comes to me every morning with his ball and wants to play fetch His well mannered tought as he waits till the alarm clock rings before he starts chirping for attention.
and each night he wants some play time and some cuddling..

and he has the most amazing purr ever ….

night night /m

October 5, 2007

To save a very small life

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Today has been a very eventful day indeed.
I was supposed to clean the house up for an inspection that I am having tomorrow but well what’s that compared to a life how small it may be.

My oldest DD came home because she needed to go to the doctor and of cause it would be nice if mom toke her and paid the bill,,, (hehe poor student)
Anyway afterwards we went for lunch in a nearby town as I wanted to show her where I used to work as well as just there it happens to be that sandwich lunch deli place that has the most amazing sandwiches and I whom normally don’t really like sandwiches, well needless to say I had been longing for them.

When we walked back to the car this unusually hot fall afternoon she shrieked and I thought what’s now and she said its alive its alive so I went around the car to see what was scaring her so much,,, but scared wasn’t really the note of her voice I think it was desperation or something like that as she had found about the smallest little creature I ever seen with 4 legs just a few yards from us there was a road work so she ran there to get water and sprinkled droplets of water nearby the little new borne naked creature that was laying in the gutter next to our car.

Well of cause the little one open its mouth and seemed to come very much more to life.
And of cause we could not leave him in the gutter I was thinking along the terms well the vet must have some sort of program for strays and wild animals they cant really make me pay so we toke it into the car and drove off to the vet the road workers are probably still laughing …..

While I drove to the vet things like “why me?” and “of cause me!” “Only I would pick it up and run to the vet” was swirling around in my head…

I drove fast and my daughter kept speaking to the lil one telling him was at least dropped by the right car and he would be safe now… (Yeah right I thought)
When I stepped in at the vet I said please do not laugh now….
We showed them the tiny creature and they could not tell us what it was but probably rat a squirrel or something like that and very new borne.
They didn’t want to take it either without having me pay for it and I just looked at them and sighed, asked isn’t there a wild life shelter nearby I kind of have enough with 4 foster kittens two of my own and a dog and strays that happens to come in my way..

Equipped with a map and a phone number we hurried back to the car, here was a life to save!!! And we where in a hurry to save it ……

DD called the number on the note and she quickly tried to tell them every thing and the response on the other side was,
-and why are you calling us?
-Well the vet said you take him, she said desperately
-And what did you say it was? They asked,,,,
-Well we don’t know a rat squirrel,,,, my DD replied..
-And the vet said we would take it at a hair salon?????

Well that gave us a laugh and put a brighter note on our rescue trip.
DD pulled out the little color full flyer from the rescue center and called the number listed there after a little she was connected to the right place and we where told we could come with the little life….

We drove into the forest and all felt really back to nature and fine this would surely be the place they would rescue the little baby and they wouldn’t laugh at us for not be able to leave him in the gutter.
We stopped by a house where hens where running around loose and a rooster was giving us his special greeting,,, or perhaps he was warning us for intruding,,, well I do not know but it felt great anyway.
We where so sure that now all would be fine for the little creature whom been crawling around helplessly seeking food in my DDs hand for an hour now.

He needs food I breathed forth as soon as we been able to open the bug filled door and entered into the shelter,,,,, can you please feed him?
A woman whom probably eat seaweed both for breakfast lunch and dinner looked down in my DDs had while a other came with a fleece clad cage,,,, it’s a mouse…..

You found a new born mouse!
I had to fill in paper work and we asked if we could call and check on him which we where more then welcome to do but they really didn’t think they be able to keep him alive its hard to feed something so little,,,
But to give us all kind of info about how to donate money they could.
So we quietly left with even more flyers.

In silence we drove back home way too late, I would be late to pick up at school…

But I tried!!!!
And that’s what we both agreed on,, that we did all that could be done if we left him he been dead at least now he had a chance even if a small one,,
but he had one and he was a fighter so perhaps he will survive ..

I really quickly had forgotten that initial feeling about that it was a mouse and why not a squirrel..
Honestly it was a life and I didn’t care I just could not see a living creature not be given a fair chance.. Guess I am turning into some sort of animal activist or something…..

September 30, 2007

my first Wp post

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Dinner is done and its late but the kids are baking so i have a few minutes to test this.

Me and the girls has just come back home from PALS where we clean cages and try to socialize and cuddle and play with the cats and invite people to play and meet them in hope of finding them good homes…

Pals do reject people and they have a no kill policie i think thats some of the reasons why i picked them… Every time i am there i fall in love with at least one often a whole bunch of cats and in the back of my head i think could ?? just one more??? But i know Pals will find them great homes eventually and while they wait i am one of those helping out making their life somewhat great… and then i always buy some silly stuff to Vanja, Alice and Chester.. today we found cat milk for Alice a bark bar for Vanja and actually Chester got nothing cuase he cant eat any fun things and right now my house is so filled of cat toys i really do not need a other one…

well the kids are about done so this will have to do, as my very first post in my new Wp blog


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