September 1, 2009

Live, laugh

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I dont often do this but today i could not resist i just think this is to funny

August 22, 2009


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My life has changed so dramtically the past year that I am not sure i realy followed along my self.

The divorce was fast and tremedously sceary, i was so alone in a country where I did not know the law very well. Even if I been living in us for a good bit over nine years i never had a reason to study the family laws.

Perhaps it was more sceary for me just cause i know swedish laws a bit and therefore relied i didnt know enough…

The move back home omg it happend so fast so fast i had the moving company on stand by waiting for my laywer to say it was okey.

To move back home feelt as the only reasonable thing to do right then, to be close to family so at least my girls would have a huge family of garnd moms anad dads, cousins and aunts.

I was out off work, and work didnt seem to come as easily right then my house my poor old house in sweden was empty and cost me money i couldnt afford nor could i rent it out as the main bathroom needed the floor retiled.

so yes life sorta just looked like it was telling me it was time to head back at least for a while. in two days i have been back in Sweden for a full year and I am just as clusless as I was before of where i truly belong.

I miss the sound of cicadas I miss the warm wind on the last summer days, i miss my starbucks coffe, and i mis fostering kitten. There has been no sound of little paws in my room my legs has no marks from little claws and my hands are completly free of bitemarks . My house is filled with cats anyway as i have my own four of them at the moment plus my lojal dog Vanja whom actually is showing some signs of age now all off a sudden.

I am getting way to tired lol to even rember why i did open my computer and what i was going to write about. there is a fresh fall wind blowing through my open window my oldest dughter is sleeping next to me, she will only bee here for a few more days then she is heading back to u.s. for school. I miss her and i hate to have my children spread out and parted from me and eachother. But she was deep into her university studies so it wouldnt have been good for her to just give up and move along with us i guess. Besides she is at that age when she actually are deciding for her self and she is a very smart and driven girl.

I can ponder this question every day and i wont find a answer, I guess I never will belong to just one place one land.

July 7, 2008

La cross – if my mom takes one more picture of me in a …. i will smash her camera

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Frida my sweetie has never been able to play a sport she is way to bussy with her dancing, she has tried with “mom i really want to play soccer” but i allways said well you have to skip some dancing then and that has allways been out of the question.

T his summer she was not going to do any dance camps the theatre was enough and summer lessons starts at dance soon so no camp, so she had some free time and one day she called from our little town and said

“mom i found a la cross stick its realy cheap only $20 and usally theystart at $80 pleaseeeee can i buy it?”

Well she got the stick and a camp a week of la cross.
Her first day i looked at her and said mostly jokyingly,i dont want to hear nothing about any broken legs or twisted ankles, she smiled and went off.
ofcause she got a huge blister allready the first day at camp which she had to battle the whole week.

But she had fun,,,
However she didnt like when i came to take some photos of her so i didnt get many that was good..
she is such a cutie all legs and she got so tanned that week and i am sure she had loads of fun enough to keep on playing?? i dont know..

July 5, 2008


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I think I need to do a lot off cards on this theme I have so many people aroudn me right now that i need
to tell how much they truly mean to me.
I am going through bad times so bad i can not really write about them as i am afraid of it coming back to nip me in the butt.
Its so bad i cant even tell all the people whom are close to me due to that i just do not have streanght enough.
But this card are for two very special ladies whom are helping me so much, not only with practical things like letting me have one of there cars

but also to listen to me when i feel extremly down and telling my i am good and it will all be good in the end.

I think its easy to forget to say to people around you how much they mean and am really bad on that my slef even thought i do think about it all the time.
Now at least one card is done what to attach it to i do not yet know but i hope it soon will go to whom i made it for.
Right now its extreamly hard for me to find inner peace enough as well as time to sit down and create even thought right now is probably when i need it as most.

How I Got That Part

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Neighbors are importend and i am lucky to have great neighbors.
each year a family close by let thiere kids set up a play so far its been a musical every summer
last summer my girls was in it as we where home they did Charlie Brown.
This summer it was a play, how i got that part.

The girls has each year taken more and more responsibilite for teh production and they do not them self have any parts in the play.
This year the girls managed all by them self, well i guess mom did the baking for all the good snacks they got during reharslas.

The family has converted a garage into a theathre. and its realy nice I am so impressed and sometimes whising i was agian a kid as
thsi was something would not even dream of having as a kid.

Everything is very professional done the folders with the manuscripts, the set the casting you can really tell these young girls has a passion for theatrhre and also has expriance from numrous of shows in a school.

It is two sisters how are doing this, they are both very talanted, but again i can not say enough about the support they have from there parents, and i just happen to be lucky enough to have a girl in same grade as the two sisters.
My girls love this and thsi year the age span of the preformers was more spread it is so nice to see girls this age work toghter like this outside school and regrdless of grade.

They started before school ended so they would walk toghter from midle school to practsie kids in diffrent gardes whom probably normaly would rather not been seen speaking with some one that “young” ot from “group” by the end of the show each and every one was friends and teh good byes after teh casting party was leangthly at least for a tired mom.

This year Lovisa had a part even if she may been the oldest she was now not in a play only girls two years younger as was
teh case last summer. so in Charlie Brown she was doing set and ciostumes and played flute.

Yeah i guess i didnt say that but this kids can not only act most of them are talented with music or singing or dancing or all three or tow or whatever combo.

I wish i could post more photos to show what a great job they did and show how happy they all look but I dont want to post photos of children whoms parents i dont even know, and havent asked so it has to bee only photos of my girls. but dont tehy look as if they are having the best time ever.

I can honestly not find words for how impressed I am with these children and how lucky i consider my self for having this just a few streets away. thank you all amazing girls and parents for this lovely expriance.

May 23, 2008

In the midle of no where

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Wilma my protective mom cat finaly had to move out of my bed room after putting up with months of her smelly litter box (she has a belly i cant get well untill the kittens are no longer breastfeeding) But that was not what finaly made me give up oh no i dont give in that easy thought some nights i weak up by the smell and have to clean in the middle of nigh, nope it was after a week of her making her kittens do there busines in my bed every every night she jsut do not want them to grow up so when ever they try to use the litter box she walks over and picks them up and as of laetly brining them to my warm comfy bed and there she licks them as cat moms do to make the kittens pee or so but the kittens are now 7 weeks and they do no longer pee just a little so she cant take care of it which means i weak up in a pee stinking bed.

I do love my Wilma and i will miss her and her lil kittens i have a spcial bound with Wilma she do love me so much she started giving birth in my lap and i am just like her a pretty protective mom so i guess we have something in common thought i think she is worse then me *hehe*

So now Wilma is in a room behind the bathroom where Maja was (ohh havent presented Maja yet)……. will do that a other day now Maja lives in my room with her 4 born kittens.

I have photos of Tilda William and Irma as 7 weeks to post when i get back home, we are on the road now me and the lil once (Elin had to stay home and watch all 19 cats plus Vanja.)

On the way up here to Penn State we had decided to stop for food and the mom whom drove stoped pretty much as soon as we got of the turnpike and it just happend to be a truck stop a real one and i had to admit that i always wanted to stop at one. One that was just like in the movies where you sit by the bar and eat pie apple pie or blue berry pie

I thought it was funny the kids not so much, it was so smoky i forgotten how resturants could be when people was allowed to smoke all over or as in this case just did’nt care about non smoking areas. the food was great my burger was about the best one i had in a long time the fries not so. i so wish i had not forgotten the camera in the car i so would loved to take photos in there of the people and the little pay tv at each table,, well well perhaps they wouldnt have let me insteed i slowly chewed my burger while taking it all in my friend leand over the table and said this is in the midle of no where for real and smiled this due to that i had told her my family think that i live in the midle of no where now and not as exciting as when i lived in the bay area. well the food there in the midle of no where was good….

now the kids are turning the lights off its time to sleep for three nights we are going to be here in Penn state for a vollayball tournament, the last one of the season.

night night /m

May 17, 2008


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This looks so familiar and made me smile a little bit extra..(looks like the Swedish flag well a type of flag not sure what that is called in english)

Today was DDs boyfriends Graduation at Widener  it was a long event but we where lucky with the weather, and  I got to meet more of His family I am so lucky,, what would it been like if I thought they was absolutly horribale (uhm well i rearly think that of people) or absolutly borring (well that is more usual) but i do like them a lot and feel at home around them…

geeeeze yes i am sooo agreeing on the saying small children small problem big kids big problem but in this case no problem what so ever i had a nice relaxing time small talking and laughing with his family …

Not very many grads actually threw the hats but i managed to get one on a pic i was sort of hoping to see a rain of hats.

I have no ideahow many hundred students that was reciving their diploma today but i got lots of ideas for DDs grad i told her i will make loads off noise as wasnt allowed to celebrate her the way we do when the kids graduate the so called gymansium which is sort of like high shcool yet not, anyway that is kind of big back home and at the day of grad the parents and family will come get the kids with huge posters and ballons and crazy things and then drive them home in crazy rides the carzier or original the better…

so I said i had to at least be allowed to make some noise when she was graduating Widener adn she agreed or was it just to get me silent ??

You could allmost think we picked widener for its school colors.

After the garduation i hurried home to see that youngest DD was safe away at Dance, she had naturally forgotten the three skirts i hade made and all her make up so i hurried and made it in time just a few minutes before the dress reherashal started…  so all the little fishes would have skirts I made 6 of 11 I wish i had helped more i feel for all dance teachers this time off the year when the glu and stich all night long to get all costumes done for the reciatal..

This time of the years is allmost unhumanly busy spring concerts for band and orchestra and chaproning feild trips that tend to come more frequently during this warmer time of the year the graduations of all sorts and after school well we have after school things dance reciatials the last final and huge competions (volleball for my part)

Thankfully the swim season is since long over i dont think i could rund between more events then i am currently doing…

This is Fridas best friend at dance they have been dancing togheter in two diffrent compnies and since they was 6 and 7 years old ,,, and i just happen to think they are just made to be infront of the camera. they are jsut gorgous

after dinner we went on a walk and got water ice, i got a kids soft ice cream and shared it with Vanja (the dog)

she do need to be a bit spoiled as she puts up with so many cats right now and shares her family with so many

the kids protested and said she would be sick and fat and i do not know all the reasons they had for me not to let the dog have some,, and she  realy didnt get very much and absolut;y no choclate…

sleepy head can bearly see what she writesnight night…..



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I am so greatfull for the music education my younger girls get in school. Lovisa Play Violin and flute and sings plus she is thought some other instrument along the way.
This is from the spring concert a few days ago, They played the music that they this Friday was playing at the music in the parks a competion that the school attends each year. The toke second place with this and first with the singing. For me its is so importend that the school spend time and money on these subjects i only wish they had a little more art, but i am glad they do have it.


April 14, 2008


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This weekend I spent with my middle D at Long Island for a 2 days volleball tournament away from Cats kittens and all the mess they make.

However I missed them before the car parked at the hotel. we came way to late friday night as we left after extra practise she takes with the V team at high school (at which she will attend after summer) .

We went straight to bed 12.30 and feel a sleep pretty soon but well i had not more then fallen a sleep before the fire larm went off 01.30 and up we went i snatch my handbag but hat was it.. bare foot in pjs we headed down to the fojaeer to wait for over 30 mins for a fire man to turn it off and make sure it all was just a prank..

At the hotel was to the girls delight a high school boys la cross team ( or how ist spelled i do not understand that sport yet hehe) well not gonna point fingers they should want to sleep as much as our girls did or do they play late?? hmm

well 0600 we had to get up to shower and head out to the tournament.. the first day was painfully bad the lost extremly much medssed up..

I hade no hope at all for the second day nor did any one else i think as the day before went so bad we kinda joked about it,, at least we get home early perhaps even for dinner.

they won the first to games *wow* then the third lost fourt ( i think) then they just keept wining and they went on and on and the clock ticked away and it was so intensive i am suprised i have hair and nails still (haha)

I can not describe the joy on my doughters face when they made it to final nor the smile and sounds and happy leaps she did when they actully won it after a extra game to 15.. I didnt even have time to feel proud i just watched her with awe i was so happy to finaly see her like that after so much hard work.

I know not many kids get to ever get a gold medail in a sport so win many it sort of depends on sport o I think..

Okey she havent waited all that long she has not played all that long but its feels as its been long… today i been proud today i been able to think back yesterday was all about her and her happiness….

we came home late around eleven without have eaten dinner and not lunch either as lunch was sold out long before lunch time, the tournament LIBA was one of the absolute poorest orgnasied tournaments i ever been too. Not only was the food choises very narrow the food ran out the water ran out, and this when the girls play so many games and it wsnt like we where really close to a store or anything.

When i finaly had cleand all litter boxes and feed the cats and crawled up in my bed Wilma came purring up on to lay down on my chest she has missed me badly and been so stressed out that she has moved the kittens around a lot.

Or was it the fact we have a new cat living in the next room that stressed her out or was it a mix. I was happy to have her there purring her heart out while giving me kisses,,,, She has become part of my night rutine i miss having her on my chest now when she sleeps with her kittens but this night she went back and forth and i didnt mind weaking up when ever she came to me i had missed her so much the kittens has growed so much……

now its time for Wilma cuddle

February 24, 2008

blog styling

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Okey i admit my blog is not the first thing on my to do list

and i been sick and the kids too

so its been a while since i wrote a word, but whats worse is it’s looks.. urgh me a designer i should be ashamed to allow my blog looking like this…

well the thing is i have no idea what i want it to look like cause i have simply no idea where it will end or why i am blogging

for what purpose and who are suposed to read it who’s attention am i trying to allure… i simply do not know and therefore i have nothing to work with, besides its just my blog. for personal stuff nothing to show up or so…

but if you some time pop in here while i am here you may see a odd looking blog with red or blue borders around stuff,, well uhmmm thats me working on the code behind,,,

I am not very good with php but i can not help it i see a page i have to pick the code apart i can not just settle with styling whats in there i have to know where it all comes from before i do that.

so i put borders around some building blocks just to keep track of what i am doing,, and yeah i am recodring what i am doing pretty much step by step so that i can perahsp one day post a tutorial on how to pick your wp apart and make it yours even if you dont understand or want to understand to much of php I am mostely doing that for my girls so they can build there own blogs and i don’t have to try achive to build what they want.

well its sunday i think i need to get back to my bathroom cleaning……. i want it done now now now so that i can get busy with more importend things like a nice sunday walk with my girls and the dog a cup of hot choclate in our lil village perhaps mmmm… Sundays with sun are so nice are they not??


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