April 9, 2008

Kitten Update

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Viktoria the name just did not feel right, thought we wanted her to have sort of a royal name *hehe* so now we call her Queen Bella *haha*

She had her 4 kittens Sunday and she had a pretty rough delivery the first two came with a half hour in between then it was a few hours and the second two came with in ten mins apart.

The kittens has such a soft fur its so different from Wilmas kittens and they are tiny.

when the fur was wet you could see small curls like where the tail start, so we think that at least two of them the first and last borne will be long haird the other two we are not as sure about.

They grow so fast you can almost see them grow. Today they all have round little bellies and movies squeezing around the bed, and Bella is such an caring and loving mom she bearly leavs the bed.

I just cant wait till these little guyes becomes two three weeks

Wilma is doing great she is extremly protective about her kittens and once i opened the door to go out the room and my cat Alice (curious alice) was sitting out side wich drives Wilma nuts. and i secretivly think Alice loves that..

well lets say i was in the shooting line and got one bite from alice and two from wilma i think not sure but some one got my toe and a some one my ankel… *hehe* i look terrible no shorts for me in a loong time my legs are all clawed up from kittens.
and i know when these little guys grow up it will only be worse..

and no its not normal that they bite as i said i was in the way and wilma is just the most protective mom there is her fearl side is realy shining through now.

Her kittens are growing enormusly and they are so huge compared to Bellas little tiny once.
there is one whom is the whiner his peeping for anything we cant touch him with out his giving up heartbreaking sound that makes protective mom run back instantly giving up food or cuddle time.

Wilma is a cuddle bug and she still wants her cuddle time, when i go to bed she comes as long as teh babies are quiet for some mom to mom time.

Well thsi si all about the cats for now i have to get ready and start running my crazy life i have some more to share but it will have to wait for a few hrs,, my goodies from studio Calico came yesterday and i so want to show them off…..
hope the sun warms what ever part of the world your at

April 7, 2008

Wilmas is a Queen

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I know i havent written in ages and this post may be long as i have so much to tell……. *haha*

Friday my youngest was having her Bday party one of the dance studios she takes lessons it was a last minute palning but we got it toghter pretty good she wanted it to be themed 70th and wed we where tiedying 12 (or something) tshirts to have in the party treat bags, I am glad my bassment where the washing machine lives int a really nice area cuase it was messy.

Friday morning i was running the last errends for the party plus subbing at the cat shellter cleaning cages, so when i got back home around 1230 i was tired and hungry I made my self lucnh and decide on something really odd to have it in bed…. well i wanted to spend some time with Wilma as the day would soon become busy at three I was suposed to be in school to see midle DD play basketball against the teachers the ticket was laying beside my bed.

Around one where i propped up in bed watching animal planet and Wilma came purring cuddling into my lap just as knew she would. I was relaxing and petting her she was laying against my chest her head burried under my chin she is such a sweet little thing her huge belly was calm. then all of a sudden she became restless and started to move around in my lap and then i saw it,,, blooooood omg she was going to have her kittens in my lap…..

i couldent move and i didnt know what to do i was burst with pride that she feelt so much comfort with me but at the same i knew it was almots two a clock now.

my cleephone rings and my sweet volunteer cordinator was outside wantng to drop of bday gifts for me and DD i told her about Wilma and said just com on up.

by that time Wilma slide of my lap and was laying next to me as close as she possible could. after that first visit we had more my oldest with a freind dropped by and then the kids came. in the midst of all this Willma got a bit more restless and the fact i needed to get out off bed made her run under the bed and into a small box we had given her one of 4 places we had made her.

but when i came back she keept jumping back and forth between the box and my bed so finaly i tooke the box and placed it in bed.

it was there she had her kittens i was there for the first two but i had to leave.

the third one came when i was in the car picking cake and pizza up me and DD arrived at the party at 620 and it was starting at 630 and i was to sett things up (wow) well thankfully they would dance first and that gave me time to set the table and decorate some.

I have no photos of my sweet DDS 12 yrs party as the camera where with my other DDs and the new Queen Wilma.

Sweet Wilma she is such a good mom but she was suposed to have four kittens and we where eagerly awaiting hoping for a orange tabby. but he never came sat morning i drove to pick a DD up at a sleep over along with a friend my poor girl was sick and would not go to her dance lesson i droped her off at home and started drivning the friend,, well teh problem was that wilma didnt get her fourth kitten and she was phasing around and acting starnge and she was running a fever.

so i had to call the vice presdient whom said take her to the vet now. and i relised i was 30 mins from my house and it was allready11.30 a saturday… welll what do you do … hmm i called home gave the girls instructions called the vet and thanked god the vet is basically 6 houses down the road no more then 4 min walk Then i wished i had one of those blue lights the cops have as i was on a mission,,,, *haha*

well I got to the vet in time safe with no dents on my car nor anyone elses as far as i can tell. I think the would have let me in a few minutes late as I was the one whom payed…

There was no more kitten in her but if she had otehr things left over he couldnt tell as she was running a fever we shoudl keep an eye on her and give her meds.

I think that was enough drama for me for one day and i went home to care for my pets and my sick baby. (12yrs baby)

plus doing such glamoruse things as cleaning the house.

Sunday we where all a big happy family the girls played catopoly in my bed watching Wilma and or the tv I was working in Illustartor and doing a laundry or two, a nice sunday with no must and nowhere we had to be wich is a rare gift in our house. we where going to eat Rostbeef with a sort of potato cassrol or what it can be called in english.

Anyway food that needs to be in the oven for a few hrs. at around six my odlest arrives from collage and is hungry as a wolf the grey cat whom i havent even spoken about here yet had been in her bed all day wich is kind of unsal for her as she is the biggest lap cat i know off. she allwasy comes to greet me and then jumps up in my lap as soon as i sit down. i didnt think much about it as i could feel her kittens was way smaller and i didnt think she was due for a other week or so.. wellllllllllllllllll huge wrong

at six my midle one cries out for help i am on teh phone hidden from the kids in teh back yard as guitar hero was on way to laodly in the house.. so i miss it i miss the firts one and the drama around it it was stuck for a moment and she didnt lick of the sack something she was doing poorly with each of them.

thankfully i had gone through every step with all the girls they knew what needed to be done and with a little towel dipped in warm water the rubbed carefully the small newborn to its first breath. I am so proud of them thats my girls.

Ofcause my oldest whom did this now wants that cat she has a bound to it that is spceal. and that kitten is a Hemmingway meaning it has six toes and he has the cutest little tail that sticks right up in the air not laying falt against the blanket as kittens tails usally do at this tender age and its all coverd in dark curly fur…

so well i guess have to let you all…


She is cutie silver gray paws and charchole gray fur, she is a lap cat whom either run away or been kicked out as she is by no chance a wild cat. however she has been out a while her fur needed some taming and she is not trusting people 100% yet.

But i do think that we did gain a huge amount of her trust last night. as we helped her with her kittens she do seem qute diffrent today.

We ate our dinner in shifts as she had tuff labors and was screaming and obviusly needed some help.

Around ten we had four kittens all of the very tiny compered to Wilmas huge once. and we had no idea how many she had so i sent the girls to bed and lay down on a sleeping bag next to the cat knowing er screams would wake me up if i feel asleep.

the hard floor woke me up around two by that time the mom was nursing and purring and half a sleep i dint think any more kittens would come so i kissed her good night added some food and went to bed finaly.

Well I now am a carzy cat lady as i have 11 cats in my house plus my lovely poor dog.

But what can I say I love pets and I love helping them out I will have 8 busy weeks, then i will have memories and my two youngest girls has been through two cat births now ( my oldest was through a cpl back in sweden) .

and i think it is very spcial to care for newborns and there moms its very spcial to take frightened cats and make them into secure lovebugs.

Viktoria she is already a love bug all she needs is a bit of time and someone whom wont give her up.

February 26, 2008


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cat nap

February 3, 2008

Taco Durito and Nachos

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These are pictures of three lovely sibblings i am puting them up here for the new mom’s and dad’s..


February 1, 2008

Cats and more Cats

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This is not my cats its P.A.L.S cats that today been trying to get to pose for me
its very diffrent to photograph cats from kids (hehe)
some are so much cuter in real life
but i am learning …..

January 30, 2008

Meet Wilma

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This is Wilma she came to us yesterday or i picked her up yesterday
the photo is not very good but its hard to take her picture as she just wants to be
petted and loved so i cant stay that far away from her to actually take a photo…
She has a bad eye infection so but we are working on it…
I am glad she isnt out today in the storm with her cold but cuddled up in my warm house
she will stay her till she is well and can be in the store to find a forever home..


January 22, 2008

Why i do this

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I wounder sometimes why i do this
its so much work, and it tears your heart out every time I leave a kitten in the store.
But it is great each time i meet a new mom or dad an adopter whom eagerly listens to what i have to tell of thiere new little kitten..

then I see photos like this
and i know why i do this
why i go through ringworms fleas, and bites and scratches and all the worries that comes along with a small small life

I do it because its so damn rewarding to see a kitten come out of its shelll gain confident and grow in all the ways possible knowing he or she has a bright future ahead in a loving family
I do it for all the purrs i get and all the little paws that dance over me when we play
i do it cause i coudl not just go aroudn knowing there are kittens out in the cold with illnesses and with out food and most importendly with out love and a future

i give me hope i guess that is what it does

January 19, 2008

Our Angel

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Yesterday Friday the 19 January 2008 I kissed Delwyn bye bye in the morning she was laying as a warm little purring bundle in my bed where she had been all night.

When I came back from work I found a different cat she was cold and almost gone,
in a very twisted awkward position.

I had to rush her to the vet, I was in panic I have to admit, I wrapped her in a baby blanket and I drove with her in my lap she was in such horrible pain I was not prepared for this.

Stupidly I had thought her pain would come slow and she would one day not be so mobile not so curious and I would then know the end was close.

But it didn’t happen that way, in a few hours it happened so fast.
I wished I had not gone to work that day.
I wish I had listened to my self and stayed home. But then I have felt to stay home with her every morning since she got sick.

It was very fast luckily I live just a few houses from the vet close enough I was actually for a second thinking if I should just run with her in my arms.

I am pretty sure that she felt how much we truly love her and that she seldom had to feel alone and I doubt she ever felt unprotected. She was a very loving cat and would have grown up to a rare beauty if she had been allowed.

We miss her terrible, we even miss the fact she sort of woke us a couple of times each night as she change position or rather whom she snuggled up with, she used to sleep very close to our faces her soft purring was what woke me up each time she came back.

I am grateful for the time I had her and I am happy to be part of a rescue organization whom actually care about the cats that will not survive and whom will not be adopted and bring money back, an organization that really care about the animal them self first and most. And Delwyn was one lucky little cat who was found by them.

January 18, 2008

when moments is precious

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Yesterday we got the final test result and Delwyn has F.I.P
this photo is from today she is happily unaweare about how sick she realy are,,,
and we will try hard to ignore it to and savor the time we have her

January 14, 2008


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Its monday and i have still not heard a word from the vet…
This morning I stayed home extra long with Delwyn not sure if it was her purring my belly or the fact it was freezing today that made me unable to get out of bed.

This weekend we left her brother Vaughn at the store, his so handsome and so spolied (by me)
I miss his morning and evening routine that involde at least a half hour of playing fetch.
He is still a bit skiddish jumps for every odd sound and hides when people he dont know enter his room.
But His such a lovely cat i hope people will see that in the store. His purr are the moste amazing on i ever heard and by now i heard a few..

it is very hard to foster kittens for a longer time and then give them up and as soon as a kitten gets sick the fostering time just gets longer plus you may just have that one and not the whole litter which means you get close to the kitten in a whole other way.

Markus one of my former foster kittens a little orange tabby i will miss him forever i think, i have his photo at work and by my computer at home and i just finsihed a scrap book page about him this weekend.
But i know His new Daddy and he has a great home and one weekend i will have time to go visit him and his adopted sister Gracie, whom I also fostered. she is a beauty and has a really funny background storie.

I learned when giving Markus up that when a cat gets sick and you tend to them its extremly hard to give them up so therefor Delwyn is ours.

when and if she gets well i will adopt her no one in the family would be able to give her up after all off this, even my mom called from Sweden when she got back home after the holidays and asked how Delwyn was doing and when i told her there was a small chance that it wasn’t FIP she said you cant give her up you have to send her here then…

well soon i hope the vet will call me soon i will get the result i dread and yet want so badly. I dont know how i will deal with it if the DNA says its FIP even if I try to tell my self it probably is, the fact she is still not worse keeps feeding my hope.. she is such a little cutie
The vet just called and told me the results had not yet come… (sighs deeply)
I asked him how long a cat normally lives with wet FIP his replay was simply I am very suprised that she is still alive
if it comes back showing FIP

I have to get back to work as i wont get any answer today i will try not to worry about it

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