July 5, 2008

Our Last Litter

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Maja Our latest mom

she had 4 kittens and i am sure i have earlier photos then this but this was aone warm day when she decided the cage was just to hot to stay in.
Maja is a beauty we do think she is a Norviegen Forrest cat and she has a very sweet nature however she is way to young to be a mom and is pretty clueless, she didnt do anything right when they was born and i am glad i was home when it happend.
now she never been able to lift her babies and they all was very early whit climbing out of the cage so i would wake up in the middle of the night cuase some one had crawled out and then was standing screaming wanting back in to the cage. Now they are old enough to climb my bed where then mostely are found.


This is little Agnes

she is the smallest in the litter and my girls named her after their youngest cousin.

This is Katja

she is named after our former dog as she has the same colors and she is a wild little thing extremly cute and she has the litters best “who me” look.

This is Anton

He was for the longest time just to darn cute for a boys name, but finaly my girls decided he was cute as thier cuosin anton and so he and his sister got their names.

saddly this photo do not show how cute he really are.

we also have


whom are named after my favorite toy my little soft rabbit with whom i could not sleep without for way to may years as a child.

he got his name due to the fact his gray and his a cuddler and he was the first one whom sleept cuddling with me a whole night.

first we had russian names on all of them Ivan Boris Katja and Nadja.

These are our last litter and they are now soon turning 6 weeks so its not long time left with them.

Wiliam one of Wilmas kittens was teh first one to be adopted soon followed by the two gray kittens whom i didnt really want to let go off i am still a bit uppset about it as i had said i wanted to keep the girl. they are two gorgous kittens a mix of russian blue and main coone and domestic short hair. really cute kittens.

and two days ago Bellas kittens Sofia and Axel was adopted. Irma and Tilda are in the store so we will soon have only momies in our house and no matter how tired we are off cleaning litter boxes and all other sort of messes little kittens make, i think we all are a bit sad that the season is soon ending.

Here they are a little younger


May 28, 2008

7 Weeks

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Majken will stay in the family and she is a bit extra spoiled she gets to come down and be with us in the living room she isnt afraid of Vanja nor of Chester and she and Alice play like crazy.. Alice is still so much a kitten her self. then she gets all tired and curls up on moms shoulder it looks so cute when she falls asleep there just like a baby.
I have to say she is one of the cutest kittens i seen and pretty much just like the cat i pointed out a cpl of months ago and said that is my dream cat look wise…


Here is Axel i think his a cute little boy very very cuddly He will grow up to be a great cat Elin has souch trouble thinking about giving them up she keeps saying she wants to keep them all, but she cant.

Kajsa is the other long hair kitten I helped delivering her she is a sweet cat full of energy and i think her stark contrasting markings


We took out the kittens to take the 7weeks photos but this time they keept getting back into the bag and they are so fast now.

Axel and no i didnt name him after my brother elin named him after her uncle i guess

Wilmas Kittens
They do not much like living in the new room or at least mom dont but i have to keep them there now this is Tilda and Irma.
Tilda is wild fearless and yet she is the purrbox of the group a perfect little kitten so so full of life.

and Irma is just as sweet as she looks she is a bit shyer but that is just her way she goes about things a little more careful
smart cat i think..

Here is all three of Wilmas kittens they have the bluest eyes ever and they are two days older then Bellas whoms eyes shifted a while backmy girls keeps saying perhpas they keep them but i doubt that.

Irma isnt she just the ctuest look at that little expression who can resist but picking her up and snuggle with her giving her all the love and then some till she protest wildly and runs off.

May 17, 2008

Bellas kittens 5 weeks

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Meet Kajsa 5 weeks

Meet Majken 5 weeks

Meet Axel 5 weeks

Meet Sofia 5 weeks

And tomorrow they turn 6 weeks i am so bad on updating.

There is only two more weeks before we have to say bye to these lil angels its is going to be hard even if its a lot of work…..


May 14, 2008

Wilmas Kittens 5 weeks

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Tilda Is the first borne a funny girl brave and full of life she is happily posing for the camera or well at least not afraid for the flash
William the only boy looks almost the same his however a bit shyer, but usally its Tilda and WIliam whom tumble around in my bed, biting eachoters tails and ears and what ever else they can get hold of Irma will stay on the side most of the time but she is getting into the play more and more.

Tilda she falls asleep on my chest each night and stay there untill i sleep Wiliam he sleeps close by and irma alittle bit further off.
they are just getting funnier and funnier i have to say this is the age i love even if its loads of work its also loads of fun.
My days right now is crazy i feed cats several times a day and clean boxes at least three times a day.
Time passes so fast and soon i wont have them around and i will miss them

Today a Adopter whom adopted two kittens i fosterd last summer called me, he called to ask if I had gotten His message on mothers day cause he called to wish me happy mothers day from him and the cats, its so cute> I so want to go visit them but right now my days are way to busy but i will one day I do not think the will recognize me but part of me hope they will specaly Markus my lil prince.
He was such a loving cat when he left and he was a monster compleatly feral when we got him..
Well its bed time in the crazy cat house its fifteen here now i know i have not yet presented Maja but i will soon and soon show Bellas kittens at five weels hope fully before they get to be six weeks

night night /m

May 9, 2008

4weeks and growing

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This photo is from last week i was playing a bit with making gifts cards for PALS
this is Tilda one of Wilmas little kittens the moste outgoing and curious one whom was most likely to put up with a photoshoot like thsi one
today they are 5 weeks and i am planing to at least get a few photos before bed time
Isnt she just the cutest

April 29, 2008

Bellas Kittens at 3 Weeks

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It was sunday they turned a week older yes i am so far behind in posting here…
We did take them out the weather was nice and we where 4 to keep them in place and it wasnt more then five min if even that I just didnt want to use the flash..

But perhaps i should have cut the grass *laughs*
i got focus on the grass on all to many of these photos.

They are so cute and fussy and they re still not very stabil on the paws.

Meet Daisy’s Kittens aprox 5weeks

they have the cutest ears ever and they have curly bellies and are so playful
and funny its hard to belive that the other kittens soon will be like this.

This is the little girl, well with these fuzzy furry guys its realy hard to get a peek and figure out,
but that is what we think a boy and a girl they boy is solid gray.
Mom is a beaty but she is so skinny its terrible to see she is not in any worse conidtion, we saved them from beeing out down and they ended up in my house cause i havent had any of the upper raspertories that been going around.
little kittens are so sensetive.. Any way this morning when i got to them on my feeding and cleaning trip around my house, which starts in my own bed room.. well there she sat with her big amder eyes and she has a little blister on her lip it poped yesterday we are not sure what it is but she has a vet ap thursday.. i sat down andtoke her up in my lap her bony light lil body stirred around a little to find a comfy way to lay in my lap then she purred her little heart out and i saw the booboo might need a cleaning and that made me cringe as she bearly know me yet and i dint want to hold her down and such just yet? that is when i got mad and sad and all at same, mad at the people whom gave this cat up this loving lil beauty.prolly when they grew tired on her i doubt she is even a year and they stupidly have let her run outdoor with out seen to that she can not have kitten and then not feeding her properly and then to top it all of give her up with two kittens to a kill shellter grrr thats when i hate people
i begged teh cat to forgive mankind and spend a long time with her telling her she did not need to be afarid no more she would not have to starve not have to fear be given up again.People whom are not capable to love a animal so much that it becomes a family member should realy not have a the extent we have trouble adopting them out… any way i got over it and did the rest of my first cleaning and feeding of the day…
now i have wilma at my feet she wants her night cuddle, before she has to slink out of my bed back to her hungry kittens…
Please please do not let your cat out and please see to that they can not have or make kittens even if they are indoors as sadly sometimes cats sneak out and gets lost…. And most of all relise your four legged lil friend do love you and trust you and count on you

April 28, 2008

Wilmas Kittens 3 Weeks

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Wilma my crazy girl she has so much of the wild instincts in her, she is doing a lot of funny things but one that is takeing the price, allmost on the day of each week she wants to move her nest and she carries her little kittens away to a new spot her favorit is under neath a cabin that has a decorative trim on the bottom so its really narrow to get under but a little more space once your under, well lets say its so narrow my vaccum dont reach *hehe*
i have to pick out little dust balls and put them back in the crate and move the crate. sadly my bed room is not big enough i simply ran out of spots to move the crate so now the have a nest we improvise behinde a basket and on a pillow and blanket but she seems happy with it ,, Well honestly she and i was fighting a bit about it she keept taking the kittens back but then during the night i think the kittens crawled out tired on the hardwood floor and found the new nest,,,,

they are pretty good on walking now even if its still a bit wobbly and Wilma is talking to them all the time when the get out of the nest and i am sure she is giving them a hard time..

they first borne a tabby girl is the most outgoing and brave one they boy is the smallest and second in trying things

they largest the last borne the gray one is shyer and like mom and the nest best.

we are going to start with solid food soon and i will document that cause it can be qute funny and messy

I am pretty sure they dont like the camera flash and Wilma is protective and trys to get in between them and the camera knocking me of balance now and then *hehe*

They are so cute when they play and all off them likes a good belly rub

this is the little brave girl she is going to be a handfull i am sure i like that ina¬† cat i like cats with confidance I named her Tilda but the girls wants her to be Irma and the gary one to be Tilda well we will see whom takes them to the vet *haha* cause its there i have to report the names …….

This is just one summer i doubt i ever will be able to take on as many moms and babies ever again so i am trying to enjoy it to the fullest. hopefully next year by this time i am working and making some money….

well off to the gym for me when i get back i will post the 3 weeks photos of Bellas kittens that i toke yesterday.


April 23, 2008

Bellas Kittens Two weeks Old times just run past way to fast

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It was sunday and yes the photo is from sunday I have decided to try to take photos once a week on the kittens to see how they grow.

Bellas room is a bit darker and more cramped then my bed room where Wilma lives so the photos didnt come out any good

Its like summer here or late spring as the spring kind of just exploded I have this awsome three in my yard

I do not have a magnolia and they are by the way almost bloomed out now so this is the only flower three i have in my yard.

but I have something else in my yard most of the time,,, my lovely dog Vanja

yepp i have a dog in the middle of all these cats, I used to be a dog person now i am both or simply just a animal person *hehe*

Vanja turns seven this year but i can not belive it nor can she, she is still a puppy in her behavior both when it comes to playfullness and obidance.

and I am just a to soft mom i love her to much to get really hard on her..

She loves her yard and she protects it, and she greets all whom walk by and if they dont greet her she will give up some barks to say hey you didnt you see me i am just the cutes dog on earth and i want to be cuddled and greeted when you pass by. Well not every one knows that but few are afraid of her much do to her looks ppl tend to think cute dogs are nice while not so cute once are mean. I know this since this is my third dog and she is sort of a copy of my first but inbetween ihad Katja teh best dog there ever was but she was not cute in that way that ppl turn around and with a soft voice say ohh what a cute puppy,, but that dog was the smartest and nicest dog you would meet but ppl was afraid of her she was black and big and that is apperently terrifing for ppl whom are afraid of dogs… She wasnt mean looking or uggly but she was defenitly not a cute thing. nay way Vanja is spoled lots of ppl brings her treas and she knows who she gets really uppset if she is not out when the mailman comes as he always has a treat one neibour used to give her half his lunch sandwich untill he finaly caved in and bought a box of dog treats to give her each morning, and if she isnt out when he passes he will toss them in so they will be laying there waiting on her when she gets out in the morning.

I cant let Vanja out when the kids leave for school for there is no fence on earth that will keep this dog in when her girls leave she jumps anything and runs like crazy after them so she has to wait untill they are on a safe distance, and waiting is not Vanja strong side, as i said she is just as a little puppy..

April 19, 2008

Two Weeks Old

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Wilmas kittens became 2 weeks old yesterday (Friday)

The ears are unfolded, and they are looking more and more as little kittens.

They started to crawl out of the nest yesterday and Wilma is very bothered about this

They are also getting teeth and bites on eachother its sort of cute

they are trying to play a little and cleaning them self.

soon they are going to be so fast Wilma wont have a chance to gather them all up

Wilma is so snuggly and I can tell she is sometimes just wantigt to get away for a little, but as soon as the kittens whine she runs back,

She is extremly protective and Alice my cat, who is a little clown she figured this out and loves to tease Wilma meaning she walks past the door on the outside the jiggling of the bell makes Wilma growl and she puts her paw underneath the door to tease Wilma into rage,, so Wilma charges at the door head first growling and hissing which makes Alice day in some weird way only a cat can understand i guess.

April 16, 2008


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One Week Old

Bellas kittens are one week today and they are so cute a warm pile of fur….

Bellas is a great little mom

The first borne check his toes out one extra,,, his a brave one whom crawls around can stand a little on wobbly legs and allmost get out of the bed.

They still have not opened the eyes but we can see small slits now

are they not just the cutest ever

One week and One days

Wilmas Kittens have opened there blue, and can now see us

And they are growing so fast we can almost see it .

I have so many photos on these little once so i will probably post older once later when i have time to go through all of them

tehy do not wander out of the bed yet but i guess soon i will have a mess and many little paws running around

we do think the gray one is a boy his slightly bigger and the two tabbies are girls but it is still very hard to say…
They are so soft so cute I think they just get cuter now when the ears are folding out slwoly and they actully start to look like kittens…

Spring is here that is a fact and i am sooo happy

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