July 5, 2008


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I think I need to do a lot off cards on this theme I have so many people aroudn me right now that i need
to tell how much they truly mean to me.
I am going through bad times so bad i can not really write about them as i am afraid of it coming back to nip me in the butt.
Its so bad i cant even tell all the people whom are close to me due to that i just do not have streanght enough.
But this card are for two very special ladies whom are helping me so much, not only with practical things like letting me have one of there cars

but also to listen to me when i feel extremly down and telling my i am good and it will all be good in the end.

I think its easy to forget to say to people around you how much they mean and am really bad on that my slef even thought i do think about it all the time.
Now at least one card is done what to attach it to i do not yet know but i hope it soon will go to whom i made it for.
Right now its extreamly hard for me to find inner peace enough as well as time to sit down and create even thought right now is probably when i need it as most.

May 30, 2008

Semi… there is so much cuteness in my house

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Today my DD Lovisa had her first real Dance the dress has been hanging in her closet for a while and her shoes has been carefully walked in indoors and today a pedicure and manicure was on the schedule four close friends was going to get dressed and put make up on eachother (i am guessing) i was the nice mom whom drove dresses and then sleeping attire to the house where they all will sleep after the dance. I was a little sad they didnt want to get ready in our house as we are closest to school but with all the cats i guess it was good they didnt.

any way i had time to take a few photos sadly it had allready became dark enough for need of flash and most photos came out bad but here she is my little beauty


But when i got two text messages to keep me informed about whom she had danced with during not after but during
it all made up for the fact she didnt get her self ready here at home. She is so close to me and she shares so much with me it just comes natural for her to speak to me about her every day things and i am so happy we have that relation i truly truly consider my self as fortune…
fortune enough to not write what she texted me thought i so want to.


I try to tell my self i should blog more often and write about every day things that happens as so much happens in my life that i want to rember share and just get of my chest but every night when i get to bed i am so exhusted there is simply not possible or i force my self and I am not writting all to good, just kind of rushing through the things i want to get down.

Cleaning and feeding all these cats takes a lot of time and i am realy worne out when i am done for the night lucky for them they are so cute…

Fridays I drive kittens for P.A.L.S to the vet i pick them up at the store where i volunteer and drive to Dr T whom is a good 30 mins away often with some where between 5 to 20 cats in the car i think i been over 20 but i cant rember today it was twenty and it was nosy i am happy i ahad three kids and are sort good on not letting whining get to me i can close it out pretty good and concentarte on driving I have to say cats is way harder then kids all of a sudden some one gives up a heartstopping scream and i have no idea why and what and i cant ask them and the sound can be comletly new to me as it may be a kitten i havent meet before

sylvester Emil Nisse loved child has many names and this lil cute boy is deeply loved his a cuddle bug but playfull his gonna be a big big boy i think

Pixie Molly Ida we cant decide on these kittens they are so cute and just as full of mischeif as they look

i can hear the little paws waddle and run and jump all day long they are so sweet so sweet and thiere mom is the best kitten i have in the house she is just a pleasure and some one gave her up i cant belive how one could give a cat like her up she is nothing but love ..

tomorrow i will bring WIlmas three kittens to the store its whit a heavy heart i am doing that but i know this is the best WIlma is so thin i need to get meds into he and she needs a break cuase she aint taking one she is sucha super mom she still nurses them like crazy they are truky to old o get that much milk.

oh now i can bearly keep my eyes open i guess blogging in the morning is my thing and not in the night

January 28, 2008


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My dear lil girl turns 14
I am totaly worn out after this long day
so will only post photos of the card i made her it was a fast creation and the photos are slightly blurry

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