August 22, 2009


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My life has changed so dramtically the past year that I am not sure i realy followed along my self.

The divorce was fast and tremedously sceary, i was so alone in a country where I did not know the law very well. Even if I been living in us for a good bit over nine years i never had a reason to study the family laws.

Perhaps it was more sceary for me just cause i know swedish laws a bit and therefore relied i didnt know enough…

The move back home omg it happend so fast so fast i had the moving company on stand by waiting for my laywer to say it was okey.

To move back home feelt as the only reasonable thing to do right then, to be close to family so at least my girls would have a huge family of garnd moms anad dads, cousins and aunts.

I was out off work, and work didnt seem to come as easily right then my house my poor old house in sweden was empty and cost me money i couldnt afford nor could i rent it out as the main bathroom needed the floor retiled.

so yes life sorta just looked like it was telling me it was time to head back at least for a while. in two days i have been back in Sweden for a full year and I am just as clusless as I was before of where i truly belong.

I miss the sound of cicadas I miss the warm wind on the last summer days, i miss my starbucks coffe, and i mis fostering kitten. There has been no sound of little paws in my room my legs has no marks from little claws and my hands are completly free of bitemarks . My house is filled with cats anyway as i have my own four of them at the moment plus my lojal dog Vanja whom actually is showing some signs of age now all off a sudden.

I am getting way to tired lol to even rember why i did open my computer and what i was going to write about. there is a fresh fall wind blowing through my open window my oldest dughter is sleeping next to me, she will only bee here for a few more days then she is heading back to u.s. for school. I miss her and i hate to have my children spread out and parted from me and eachother. But she was deep into her university studies so it wouldnt have been good for her to just give up and move along with us i guess. Besides she is at that age when she actually are deciding for her self and she is a very smart and driven girl.

I can ponder this question every day and i wont find a answer, I guess I never will belong to just one place one land.

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