October 28, 2008

rain, rain and more rain keept me from seeing Obama

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We all went up early this morning, well elin earliest as she was voulenteering she had to get up at 0500. we where standing in line in the wind and rain for one and a half hour before i gave up we didnt bring shooes for this weather and i had not feelt my feet for the past half hour i was constantly thinking what am i doing i am not even allowed to vote. this may very well be something i regrett my entire life but i just could not do it and i am not entirely happy that i have my two youngest out there defenitly not dressed fo the terrible weather i have a cold as it is and i am sure we all are gonna have one by the end off this day. my girls are so brave so intressted and so devoted i love that and i whised i could have sat a good example but i just couldnt do it. with all he is saying i do hope he wins for all the moms like me whom are single, i mean lets face it why did i move back home, well one huge part was i didnt feel safe, i didnt feel as if my kids would allways get the basic care no matter what my income was, and that is not a nice feeling i can tell you that.

I am so worried abou the girls right now since i stoped shivering i have no idea how cold they are and how they are doing in the huge crowed i just hope it will be a memorie worth it.

non of us may ever be allowed to vote how do i know or we just might one day but yet we do feel thsi is importend we lived here for such a long time and have some sort of roots here that we just do care a whole lot. elin will never be able to go all teh way politically as she was born in sweden yet she is devoted she did internship whit a senator she reads american goverment as one of her three majors, what can i say more then i am proud over her hard work and effort thought she may not have all the roads open for her i think it shows of a great and genuine heart.

i my self hope to be able to see the speach on tv not as exciting but at least not as cold…………

i hope for dry nice colorfull fall days….

October 26, 2008

Back in PA

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We are back its so odd moste off the time it feels like we never left, well its only been two months since we moved home to Sweden.

We are living with elin my lovely girl has given up her room for me and sleeps with her sisters in the living room (yeah i do feel awful) the first day Frida went to dance for one of her oldest teachers it was nice thought she kicked mom out of the room (haha) then i droped frida off at a friends house and elin droped Lovisa off at her freind so me and elin went to the mall.

I am christams shopping how crazy early isnt that but i am sure i will be happy for it as my life back home is rather stressfull with the house and school.

Right now lil kajsa is in my bed she has grown so big and become a real beauty we are hoping to be able to bring her home with use.. today we went to dorney park i hope i can add a photo or two later on i am way to tired right now.

the park had people dressed up after six a clock and teh girls realy goot sceard some even a bit to much. the tripstarted with tha one girl threw up only five minutes into the trip so we turned around and got a new set off clothes after resting a little as she thought she only was car sick i took her with me.

well a hour after we arrived we had to call her parents poor girl was sick and needed to be tucked into bed. me and my freidn was stuck by a table with school work (didnt get much done but we looked as we where at least)

i amĀ  so tired i guess i am not makeing a whole lot of sense right now but i wanted to post some today so i am not prosponing it all the time cause that is what makes me post so selldom.

now i am gonna see as much HGT and TLC and Animal planet as i possibli can before i fall asleep which i estimate to about 5 mins (haha)



October 15, 2008

Bus and trains

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We have now been in Sweden for a while, and i havent written anything. werll to begin with my internet wasnt what I am used to it tooke me a while to figure out which company to go with.

Its been busy weeks first the girls had to get used to the public transportation, i thought honetsly it would take them longer then it acutally did. here the girls have to take a bus then a subway to get to school, its sad as the school in reality are pretty close but on the wrong subway line.
the girls learned amazingly fast both to use the travel planer on the computer and read the subway maps i havent gotten one single phone call saying mom i have no idea where i am and how to get home from here.

Frida can now go to dance in the city by her self and Lovisa manages to travel to her volleyball, and they also has been going to freinds by the public transportation this is a new kind of freedom for them.

they both have a extended school card which basically means they can travel whatever time during the day they want to just showing the little (expensive) card up.

We have also started the extensive renovation of our house, but that i have to write about in a other post.

have a great day


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