July 5, 2008


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I lie a lot these days,
like in the store when i pay
what would they say if i burst into tears, and let out all my fears.
adding and i realy can not afford these food as i have no clue how i will pay the rent due soon.
would they politley say ohh i am so sorry have a nice day??
no i lie and say i am fine holding back the tears and fears.
and how are you i politelty ask as if i really wanted to hear
perhaps her or his day is just as shitty as mine or perhpas he or she just has a pain in some place i realy do not want to hear.
have a nice day it most times ends with and I think to my self no i dont have a nice, day nor will I. And i probably wont have one in a very long time either but i force a smile and whises them they same, hoping that at least they will.


  1. Hey girl! I wish I was there to lend an ear. To let you vent. To talk it out. I know everyone keeps telling you it will get better. It will. Sorry you are sad. Sorry things are tough. I wish that I could help you out some how…

    Comment by Dawn — July 5, 2008 @ 3:09 pm

  2. Sister, tears are in my eyes whilte writing this. It´s such a lovely photo of such a lovely day. It was perfect…then. Lifw goes on an people change. You changed, he changed. Life is not perfect right now. I know. But if ou look at what you have (three wonderful children who adores you and sees you as the sunshine in their lífe) you must feel somewhat happy, or? I love you soo much and know what strenght you have. you´ve been the sunshine in my life too and I really want to stand by your side. I am here when you need me and want to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on, even ifi it is an imaginary one with the distance an all. Love you to eternity and beyond (as Buzz Lightyear should had said)


    Comment by Malin — July 7, 2008 @ 3:57 pm

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