July 5, 2008

Our Last Litter

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Maja Our latest mom

she had 4 kittens and i am sure i have earlier photos then this but this was aone warm day when she decided the cage was just to hot to stay in.
Maja is a beauty we do think she is a Norviegen Forrest cat and she has a very sweet nature however she is way to young to be a mom and is pretty clueless, she didnt do anything right when they was born and i am glad i was home when it happend.
now she never been able to lift her babies and they all was very early whit climbing out of the cage so i would wake up in the middle of the night cuase some one had crawled out and then was standing screaming wanting back in to the cage. Now they are old enough to climb my bed where then mostely are found.


This is little Agnes

she is the smallest in the litter and my girls named her after their youngest cousin.

This is Katja

she is named after our former dog as she has the same colors and she is a wild little thing extremly cute and she has the litters best “who me” look.

This is Anton

He was for the longest time just to darn cute for a boys name, but finaly my girls decided he was cute as thier cuosin anton and so he and his sister got their names.

saddly this photo do not show how cute he really are.

we also have


whom are named after my favorite toy my little soft rabbit with whom i could not sleep without for way to may years as a child.

he got his name due to the fact his gray and his a cuddler and he was the first one whom sleept cuddling with me a whole night.

first we had russian names on all of them Ivan Boris Katja and Nadja.

These are our last litter and they are now soon turning 6 weeks so its not long time left with them.

Wiliam one of Wilmas kittens was teh first one to be adopted soon followed by the two gray kittens whom i didnt really want to let go off i am still a bit uppset about it as i had said i wanted to keep the girl. they are two gorgous kittens a mix of russian blue and main coone and domestic short hair. really cute kittens.

and two days ago Bellas kittens Sofia and Axel was adopted. Irma and Tilda are in the store so we will soon have only momies in our house and no matter how tired we are off cleaning litter boxes and all other sort of messes little kittens make, i think we all are a bit sad that the season is soon ending.

Here they are a little younger



  1. they are all soo cute. I bow and thanks for the honour you are givign my children. Agnes and Anton has not yet seen these pictures but I will be sure to show it to them when I can. whilma has seen the cat named Whilma and was awfully proud. Now it is only one name I miss…Emily! Please name one after her. She would be soo happy to see a kitten named after her. She is so sweet and caring and sometimes feels left outsida as it is. She is the most unexpected, peculiar and odd of all my children. But I love her soo even if she isnĀ“t my own.


    Comment by Malin — July 7, 2008 @ 4:07 pm

  2. these cats are so cute!!!!!

    Comment by christina — July 20, 2009 @ 12:09 pm

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