July 28, 2008


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My dear sweet friends b-day was coming up and i had no idea what to get her then her sweet girl reminded me that she wanted photos of the girls (mine and hers) in a spceal dress she really liked so said and done after a sleep over a very hot day we headed to her university as that would be a spcal place and toke some photos.

But it was such a hot day it was hard to stay out long, but we got some i think is pretty good here is a few that i like

I just had to try to play a littel in photoshop not sure if i like the result but well its a learning process

July 7, 2008

Good bye is never easy

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There is many good byes to be said in our house this summer i did one yessterday that was extra hard. Little Ida whom was supposed to be my cat went to her new home how she became adopted i dont realy know.

She came to me with her mom (Daisy) and her brother Emil when she was only four weeks i took one look at her and said this is the kittens I got beacuse i lost Delwyn.

They are amzingly cute russian blue maine coon mixes and looked like little teddy bears when we first got them

I did take her and her brother to the store for a few days while the kitten whom was there was in my home to recover from a cold i put a note up that she was mine but she got adopted anyway….

so yesterday i went to drop them off with a book with photos and notes from the time they been with us the baby blanket.

I miss her so bad allready and it hasnt been 24 hrs yet.. Its hard to say good bay and specaly to a kitten you keept kissing and telling she is mine.

we had a tuff time deciding on whom of these two we shoudl keep they are both so adoriable and often i was saying i wish i could just keep them all three, mom Daisy is the best cat i have in the house except she dont much care for my animals.

Emil is a bundle of joy his full of it you can allmost tell from this photo

we had a tuff time deciding on whom of these two we should keep they are both so adoriable and often i was saying i wish i coudl just keep them all three, mom Daisy is the best cat i have in the house except she dont much care for my animals.

Emil is a bundle of joy his full of it you can almost tell from his photo…

Here is ida a few days after she came she was a cuddle bug but little shy…

look at those ears are they not, just the cutest ever?????

Photos i took for a flyer

these i never used

La cross – if my mom takes one more picture of me in a …. i will smash her camera

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Frida my sweetie has never been able to play a sport she is way to bussy with her dancing, she has tried with “mom i really want to play soccer” but i allways said well you have to skip some dancing then and that has allways been out of the question.

T his summer she was not going to do any dance camps the theatre was enough and summer lessons starts at dance soon so no camp, so she had some free time and one day she called from our little town and said

“mom i found a la cross stick its realy cheap only $20 and usally theystart at $80 pleaseeeee can i buy it?”

Well she got the stick and a camp a week of la cross.
Her first day i looked at her and said mostly jokyingly,i dont want to hear nothing about any broken legs or twisted ankles, she smiled and went off.
ofcause she got a huge blister allready the first day at camp which she had to battle the whole week.

But she had fun,,,
However she didnt like when i came to take some photos of her so i didnt get many that was good..
she is such a cutie all legs and she got so tanned that week and i am sure she had loads of fun enough to keep on playing?? i dont know..

July 5, 2008


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I lie a lot these days,
like in the store when i pay
what would they say if i burst into tears, and let out all my fears.
adding and i realy can not afford these food as i have no clue how i will pay the rent due soon.
would they politley say ohh i am so sorry have a nice day??
no i lie and say i am fine holding back the tears and fears.
and how are you i politelty ask as if i really wanted to hear
perhaps her or his day is just as shitty as mine or perhpas he or she just has a pain in some place i realy do not want to hear.
have a nice day it most times ends with and I think to my self no i dont have a nice, day nor will I. And i probably wont have one in a very long time either but i force a smile and whises them they same, hoping that at least they will.


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I think I need to do a lot off cards on this theme I have so many people aroudn me right now that i need
to tell how much they truly mean to me.
I am going through bad times so bad i can not really write about them as i am afraid of it coming back to nip me in the butt.
Its so bad i cant even tell all the people whom are close to me due to that i just do not have streanght enough.
But this card are for two very special ladies whom are helping me so much, not only with practical things like letting me have one of there cars

but also to listen to me when i feel extremly down and telling my i am good and it will all be good in the end.

I think its easy to forget to say to people around you how much they mean and am really bad on that my slef even thought i do think about it all the time.
Now at least one card is done what to attach it to i do not yet know but i hope it soon will go to whom i made it for.
Right now its extreamly hard for me to find inner peace enough as well as time to sit down and create even thought right now is probably when i need it as most.

How I Got That Part

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Neighbors are importend and i am lucky to have great neighbors.
each year a family close by let thiere kids set up a play so far its been a musical every summer
last summer my girls was in it as we where home they did Charlie Brown.
This summer it was a play, how i got that part.

The girls has each year taken more and more responsibilite for teh production and they do not them self have any parts in the play.
This year the girls managed all by them self, well i guess mom did the baking for all the good snacks they got during reharslas.

The family has converted a garage into a theathre. and its realy nice I am so impressed and sometimes whising i was agian a kid as
thsi was something would not even dream of having as a kid.

Everything is very professional done the folders with the manuscripts, the set the casting you can really tell these young girls has a passion for theatrhre and also has expriance from numrous of shows in a school.

It is two sisters how are doing this, they are both very talanted, but again i can not say enough about the support they have from there parents, and i just happen to be lucky enough to have a girl in same grade as the two sisters.
My girls love this and thsi year the age span of the preformers was more spread it is so nice to see girls this age work toghter like this outside school and regrdless of grade.

They started before school ended so they would walk toghter from midle school to practsie kids in diffrent gardes whom probably normaly would rather not been seen speaking with some one that “young” ot from “group” by the end of the show each and every one was friends and teh good byes after teh casting party was leangthly at least for a tired mom.

This year Lovisa had a part even if she may been the oldest she was now not in a play only girls two years younger as was
teh case last summer. so in Charlie Brown she was doing set and ciostumes and played flute.

Yeah i guess i didnt say that but this kids can not only act most of them are talented with music or singing or dancing or all three or tow or whatever combo.

I wish i could post more photos to show what a great job they did and show how happy they all look but I dont want to post photos of children whoms parents i dont even know, and havent asked so it has to bee only photos of my girls. but dont tehy look as if they are having the best time ever.

I can honestly not find words for how impressed I am with these children and how lucky i consider my self for having this just a few streets away. thank you all amazing girls and parents for this lovely expriance.

Our Last Litter

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Maja Our latest mom

she had 4 kittens and i am sure i have earlier photos then this but this was aone warm day when she decided the cage was just to hot to stay in.
Maja is a beauty we do think she is a Norviegen Forrest cat and she has a very sweet nature however she is way to young to be a mom and is pretty clueless, she didnt do anything right when they was born and i am glad i was home when it happend.
now she never been able to lift her babies and they all was very early whit climbing out of the cage so i would wake up in the middle of the night cuase some one had crawled out and then was standing screaming wanting back in to the cage. Now they are old enough to climb my bed where then mostely are found.


This is little Agnes

she is the smallest in the litter and my girls named her after their youngest cousin.

This is Katja

she is named after our former dog as she has the same colors and she is a wild little thing extremly cute and she has the litters best “who me” look.

This is Anton

He was for the longest time just to darn cute for a boys name, but finaly my girls decided he was cute as thier cuosin anton and so he and his sister got their names.

saddly this photo do not show how cute he really are.

we also have


whom are named after my favorite toy my little soft rabbit with whom i could not sleep without for way to may years as a child.

he got his name due to the fact his gray and his a cuddler and he was the first one whom sleept cuddling with me a whole night.

first we had russian names on all of them Ivan Boris Katja and Nadja.

These are our last litter and they are now soon turning 6 weeks so its not long time left with them.

Wiliam one of Wilmas kittens was teh first one to be adopted soon followed by the two gray kittens whom i didnt really want to let go off i am still a bit uppset about it as i had said i wanted to keep the girl. they are two gorgous kittens a mix of russian blue and main coone and domestic short hair. really cute kittens.

and two days ago Bellas kittens Sofia and Axel was adopted. Irma and Tilda are in the store so we will soon have only momies in our house and no matter how tired we are off cleaning litter boxes and all other sort of messes little kittens make, i think we all are a bit sad that the season is soon ending.

Here they are a little younger


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