May 23, 2008

In the midle of no where

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Wilma my protective mom cat finaly had to move out of my bed room after putting up with months of her smelly litter box (she has a belly i cant get well untill the kittens are no longer breastfeeding) But that was not what finaly made me give up oh no i dont give in that easy thought some nights i weak up by the smell and have to clean in the middle of nigh, nope it was after a week of her making her kittens do there busines in my bed every every night she jsut do not want them to grow up so when ever they try to use the litter box she walks over and picks them up and as of laetly brining them to my warm comfy bed and there she licks them as cat moms do to make the kittens pee or so but the kittens are now 7 weeks and they do no longer pee just a little so she cant take care of it which means i weak up in a pee stinking bed.

I do love my Wilma and i will miss her and her lil kittens i have a spcial bound with Wilma she do love me so much she started giving birth in my lap and i am just like her a pretty protective mom so i guess we have something in common thought i think she is worse then me *hehe*

So now Wilma is in a room behind the bathroom where Maja was (ohh havent presented Maja yet)……. will do that a other day now Maja lives in my room with her 4 born kittens.

I have photos of Tilda William and Irma as 7 weeks to post when i get back home, we are on the road now me and the lil once (Elin had to stay home and watch all 19 cats plus Vanja.)

On the way up here to Penn State we had decided to stop for food and the mom whom drove stoped pretty much as soon as we got of the turnpike and it just happend to be a truck stop a real one and i had to admit that i always wanted to stop at one. One that was just like in the movies where you sit by the bar and eat pie apple pie or blue berry pie

I thought it was funny the kids not so much, it was so smoky i forgotten how resturants could be when people was allowed to smoke all over or as in this case just did’nt care about non smoking areas. the food was great my burger was about the best one i had in a long time the fries not so. i so wish i had not forgotten the camera in the car i so would loved to take photos in there of the people and the little pay tv at each table,, well well perhaps they wouldnt have let me insteed i slowly chewed my burger while taking it all in my friend leand over the table and said this is in the midle of no where for real and smiled this due to that i had told her my family think that i live in the midle of no where now and not as exciting as when i lived in the bay area. well the food there in the midle of no where was good….

now the kids are turning the lights off its time to sleep for three nights we are going to be here in Penn state for a vollayball tournament, the last one of the season.

night night /m

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