May 17, 2008


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This looks so familiar and made me smile a little bit extra..(looks like the Swedish flag well a type of flag not sure what that is called in english)

Today was DDs boyfriends Graduation at Widener  it was a long event but we where lucky with the weather, and  I got to meet more of His family I am so lucky,, what would it been like if I thought they was absolutly horribale (uhm well i rearly think that of people) or absolutly borring (well that is more usual) but i do like them a lot and feel at home around them…

geeeeze yes i am sooo agreeing on the saying small children small problem big kids big problem but in this case no problem what so ever i had a nice relaxing time small talking and laughing with his family …

Not very many grads actually threw the hats but i managed to get one on a pic i was sort of hoping to see a rain of hats.

I have no ideahow many hundred students that was reciving their diploma today but i got lots of ideas for DDs grad i told her i will make loads off noise as wasnt allowed to celebrate her the way we do when the kids graduate the so called gymansium which is sort of like high shcool yet not, anyway that is kind of big back home and at the day of grad the parents and family will come get the kids with huge posters and ballons and crazy things and then drive them home in crazy rides the carzier or original the better…

so I said i had to at least be allowed to make some noise when she was graduating Widener adn she agreed or was it just to get me silent ??

You could allmost think we picked widener for its school colors.

After the garduation i hurried home to see that youngest DD was safe away at Dance, she had naturally forgotten the three skirts i hade made and all her make up so i hurried and made it in time just a few minutes before the dress reherashal started…  so all the little fishes would have skirts I made 6 of 11 I wish i had helped more i feel for all dance teachers this time off the year when the glu and stich all night long to get all costumes done for the reciatal..

This time of the years is allmost unhumanly busy spring concerts for band and orchestra and chaproning feild trips that tend to come more frequently during this warmer time of the year the graduations of all sorts and after school well we have after school things dance reciatials the last final and huge competions (volleball for my part)

Thankfully the swim season is since long over i dont think i could rund between more events then i am currently doing…

This is Fridas best friend at dance they have been dancing togheter in two diffrent compnies and since they was 6 and 7 years old ,,, and i just happen to think they are just made to be infront of the camera. they are jsut gorgous

after dinner we went on a walk and got water ice, i got a kids soft ice cream and shared it with Vanja (the dog)

she do need to be a bit spoiled as she puts up with so many cats right now and shares her family with so many

the kids protested and said she would be sick and fat and i do not know all the reasons they had for me not to let the dog have some,, and she  realy didnt get very much and absolut;y no choclate…

sleepy head can bearly see what she writesnight night…..


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