May 14, 2008

Wilmas Kittens 5 weeks

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Tilda Is the first borne a funny girl brave and full of life she is happily posing for the camera or well at least not afraid for the flash
William the only boy looks almost the same his however a bit shyer, but usally its Tilda and WIliam whom tumble around in my bed, biting eachoters tails and ears and what ever else they can get hold of Irma will stay on the side most of the time but she is getting into the play more and more.

Tilda she falls asleep on my chest each night and stay there untill i sleep Wiliam he sleeps close by and irma alittle bit further off.
they are just getting funnier and funnier i have to say this is the age i love even if its loads of work its also loads of fun.
My days right now is crazy i feed cats several times a day and clean boxes at least three times a day.
Time passes so fast and soon i wont have them around and i will miss them

Today a Adopter whom adopted two kittens i fosterd last summer called me, he called to ask if I had gotten His message on mothers day cause he called to wish me happy mothers day from him and the cats, its so cute> I so want to go visit them but right now my days are way to busy but i will one day I do not think the will recognize me but part of me hope they will specaly Markus my lil prince.
He was such a loving cat when he left and he was a monster compleatly feral when we got him..
Well its bed time in the crazy cat house its fifteen here now i know i have not yet presented Maja but i will soon and soon show Bellas kittens at five weels hope fully before they get to be six weeks

night night /m

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