April 29, 2008

Bellas Kittens at 3 Weeks

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It was sunday they turned a week older yes i am so far behind in posting here…
We did take them out the weather was nice and we where 4 to keep them in place and it wasnt more then five min if even that I just didnt want to use the flash..

But perhaps i should have cut the grass *laughs*
i got focus on the grass on all to many of these photos.

They are so cute and fussy and they re still not very stabil on the paws.

Meet Daisy’s Kittens aprox 5weeks

they have the cutest ears ever and they have curly bellies and are so playful
and funny its hard to belive that the other kittens soon will be like this.

This is the little girl, well with these fuzzy furry guys its realy hard to get a peek and figure out,
but that is what we think a boy and a girl they boy is solid gray.
Mom is a beaty but she is so skinny its terrible to see she is not in any worse conidtion, we saved them from beeing out down and they ended up in my house cause i havent had any of the upper raspertories that been going around.
little kittens are so sensetive.. Any way this morning when i got to them on my feeding and cleaning trip around my house, which starts in my own bed room.. well there she sat with her big amder eyes and she has a little blister on her lip it poped yesterday we are not sure what it is but she has a vet ap thursday.. i sat down andtoke her up in my lap her bony light lil body stirred around a little to find a comfy way to lay in my lap then she purred her little heart out and i saw the booboo might need a cleaning and that made me cringe as she bearly know me yet and i dint want to hold her down and such just yet? that is when i got mad and sad and all at same, mad at the people whom gave this cat up this loving lil beauty.prolly when they grew tired on her i doubt she is even a year and they stupidly have let her run outdoor with out seen to that she can not have kitten and then not feeding her properly and then to top it all of give her up with two kittens to a kill shellter grrr thats when i hate people
i begged teh cat to forgive mankind and spend a long time with her telling her she did not need to be afarid no more she would not have to starve not have to fear be given up again.People whom are not capable to love a animal so much that it becomes a family member should realy not have a the extent we have trouble adopting them out… any way i got over it and did the rest of my first cleaning and feeding of the day…
now i have wilma at my feet she wants her night cuddle, before she has to slink out of my bed back to her hungry kittens…
Please please do not let your cat out and please see to that they can not have or make kittens even if they are indoors as sadly sometimes cats sneak out and gets lost…. And most of all relise your four legged lil friend do love you and trust you and count on you

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  1. OMGosh…the kittens are so CUTE!!

    Comment by Dawn — May 6, 2008 @ 9:45 pm

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