April 28, 2008

Wilmas Kittens 3 Weeks

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Wilma my crazy girl she has so much of the wild instincts in her, she is doing a lot of funny things but one that is takeing the price, allmost on the day of each week she wants to move her nest and she carries her little kittens away to a new spot her favorit is under neath a cabin that has a decorative trim on the bottom so its really narrow to get under but a little more space once your under, well lets say its so narrow my vaccum dont reach *hehe*
i have to pick out little dust balls and put them back in the crate and move the crate. sadly my bed room is not big enough i simply ran out of spots to move the crate so now the have a nest we improvise behinde a basket and on a pillow and blanket but she seems happy with it ,, Well honestly she and i was fighting a bit about it she keept taking the kittens back but then during the night i think the kittens crawled out tired on the hardwood floor and found the new nest,,,,

they are pretty good on walking now even if its still a bit wobbly and Wilma is talking to them all the time when the get out of the nest and i am sure she is giving them a hard time..

they first borne a tabby girl is the most outgoing and brave one they boy is the smallest and second in trying things

they largest the last borne the gray one is shyer and like mom and the nest best.

we are going to start with solid food soon and i will document that cause it can be qute funny and messy

I am pretty sure they dont like the camera flash and Wilma is protective and trys to get in between them and the camera knocking me of balance now and then *hehe*

They are so cute when they play and all off them likes a good belly rub

this is the little brave girl she is going to be a handfull i am sure i like that ina¬† cat i like cats with confidance I named her Tilda but the girls wants her to be Irma and the gary one to be Tilda well we will see whom takes them to the vet *haha* cause its there i have to report the names …….

This is just one summer i doubt i ever will be able to take on as many moms and babies ever again so i am trying to enjoy it to the fullest. hopefully next year by this time i am working and making some money….

well off to the gym for me when i get back i will post the 3 weeks photos of Bellas kittens that i toke yesterday.


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