April 23, 2008

Bellas Kittens Two weeks Old times just run past way to fast

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It was sunday and yes the photo is from sunday I have decided to try to take photos once a week on the kittens to see how they grow.

Bellas room is a bit darker and more cramped then my bed room where Wilma lives so the photos didnt come out any good

Its like summer here or late spring as the spring kind of just exploded I have this awsome three in my yard

I do not have a magnolia and they are by the way almost bloomed out now so this is the only flower three i have in my yard.

but I have something else in my yard most of the time,,, my lovely dog Vanja

yepp i have a dog in the middle of all these cats, I used to be a dog person now i am both or simply just a animal person *hehe*

Vanja turns seven this year but i can not belive it nor can she, she is still a puppy in her behavior both when it comes to playfullness and obidance.

and I am just a to soft mom i love her to much to get really hard on her..

She loves her yard and she protects it, and she greets all whom walk by and if they dont greet her she will give up some barks to say hey you didnt you see me i am just the cutes dog on earth and i want to be cuddled and greeted when you pass by. Well not every one knows that but few are afraid of her much do to her looks ppl tend to think cute dogs are nice while not so cute once are mean. I know this since this is my third dog and she is sort of a copy of my first but inbetween ihad Katja teh best dog there ever was but she was not cute in that way that ppl turn around and with a soft voice say ohh what a cute puppy,, but that dog was the smartest and nicest dog you would meet but ppl was afraid of her she was black and big and that is apperently terrifing for ppl whom are afraid of dogs… She wasnt mean looking or uggly but she was defenitly not a cute thing. nay way Vanja is spoled lots of ppl brings her treas and she knows who she gets really uppset if she is not out when the mailman comes as he always has a treat one neibour used to give her half his lunch sandwich untill he finaly caved in and bought a box of dog treats to give her each morning, and if she isnt out when he passes he will toss them in so they will be laying there waiting on her when she gets out in the morning.

I cant let Vanja out when the kids leave for school for there is no fence on earth that will keep this dog in when her girls leave she jumps anything and runs like crazy after them so she has to wait untill they are on a safe distance, and waiting is not Vanja strong side, as i said she is just as a little puppy..

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