April 19, 2008

Two Weeks Old

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Wilmas kittens became 2 weeks old yesterday (Friday)

The ears are unfolded, and they are looking more and more as little kittens.

They started to crawl out of the nest yesterday and Wilma is very bothered about this

They are also getting teeth and bites on eachother its sort of cute

they are trying to play a little and cleaning them self.

soon they are going to be so fast Wilma wont have a chance to gather them all up

Wilma is so snuggly and I can tell she is sometimes just wantigt to get away for a little, but as soon as the kittens whine she runs back,

She is extremly protective and Alice my cat, who is a little clown she figured this out and loves to tease Wilma meaning she walks past the door on the outside the jiggling of the bell makes Wilma growl and she puts her paw underneath the door to tease Wilma into rage,, so Wilma charges at the door head first growling and hissing which makes Alice day in some weird way only a cat can understand i guess.

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