April 14, 2008


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This weekend I spent with my middle D at Long Island for a 2 days volleball tournament away from Cats kittens and all the mess they make.

However I missed them before the car parked at the hotel. we came way to late friday night as we left after extra practise she takes with the V team at high school (at which she will attend after summer) .

We went straight to bed 12.30 and feel a sleep pretty soon but well i had not more then fallen a sleep before the fire larm went off 01.30 and up we went i snatch my handbag but hat was it.. bare foot in pjs we headed down to the fojaeer to wait for over 30 mins for a fire man to turn it off and make sure it all was just a prank..

At the hotel was to the girls delight a high school boys la cross team ( or how ist spelled i do not understand that sport yet hehe) well not gonna point fingers they should want to sleep as much as our girls did or do they play late?? hmm

well 0600 we had to get up to shower and head out to the tournament.. the first day was painfully bad the lost extremly much medssed up..

I hade no hope at all for the second day nor did any one else i think as the day before went so bad we kinda joked about it,, at least we get home early perhaps even for dinner.

they won the first to games *wow* then the third lost fourt ( i think) then they just keept wining and they went on and on and the clock ticked away and it was so intensive i am suprised i have hair and nails still (haha)

I can not describe the joy on my doughters face when they made it to final nor the smile and sounds and happy leaps she did when they actully won it after a extra game to 15.. I didnt even have time to feel proud i just watched her with awe i was so happy to finaly see her like that after so much hard work.

I know not many kids get to ever get a gold medail in a sport so win many it sort of depends on sport o I think..

Okey she havent waited all that long she has not played all that long but its feels as its been long… today i been proud today i been able to think back yesterday was all about her and her happiness….

we came home late around eleven without have eaten dinner and not lunch either as lunch was sold out long before lunch time, the tournament LIBA was one of the absolute poorest orgnasied tournaments i ever been too. Not only was the food choises very narrow the food ran out the water ran out, and this when the girls play so many games and it wsnt like we where really close to a store or anything.

When i finaly had cleand all litter boxes and feed the cats and crawled up in my bed Wilma came purring up on to lay down on my chest she has missed me badly and been so stressed out that she has moved the kittens around a lot.

Or was it the fact we have a new cat living in the next room that stressed her out or was it a mix. I was happy to have her there purring her heart out while giving me kisses,,,, She has become part of my night rutine i miss having her on my chest now when she sleeps with her kittens but this night she went back and forth and i didnt mind weaking up when ever she came to me i had missed her so much the kittens has growed so much……

now its time for Wilma cuddle

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