April 9, 2008

Kitten Update

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Viktoria the name just did not feel right, thought we wanted her to have sort of a royal name *hehe* so now we call her Queen Bella *haha*

She had her 4 kittens Sunday and she had a pretty rough delivery the first two came with a half hour in between then it was a few hours and the second two came with in ten mins apart.

The kittens has such a soft fur its so different from Wilmas kittens and they are tiny.

when the fur was wet you could see small curls like where the tail start, so we think that at least two of them the first and last borne will be long haird the other two we are not as sure about.

They grow so fast you can almost see them grow. Today they all have round little bellies and movies squeezing around the bed, and Bella is such an caring and loving mom she bearly leavs the bed.

I just cant wait till these little guyes becomes two three weeks

Wilma is doing great she is extremly protective about her kittens and once i opened the door to go out the room and my cat Alice (curious alice) was sitting out side wich drives Wilma nuts. and i secretivly think Alice loves that..

well lets say i was in the shooting line and got one bite from alice and two from wilma i think not sure but some one got my toe and a some one my ankel… *hehe* i look terrible no shorts for me in a loong time my legs are all clawed up from kittens.
and i know when these little guys grow up it will only be worse..

and no its not normal that they bite as i said i was in the way and wilma is just the most protective mom there is her fearl side is realy shining through now.

Her kittens are growing enormusly and they are so huge compared to Bellas little tiny once.
there is one whom is the whiner his peeping for anything we cant touch him with out his giving up heartbreaking sound that makes protective mom run back instantly giving up food or cuddle time.

Wilma is a cuddle bug and she still wants her cuddle time, when i go to bed she comes as long as teh babies are quiet for some mom to mom time.

Well thsi si all about the cats for now i have to get ready and start running my crazy life i have some more to share but it will have to wait for a few hrs,, my goodies from studio Calico came yesterday and i so want to show them off…..
hope the sun warms what ever part of the world your at


  1. Ååååh det är så sött att jag får sockesmak i munnen. Finns inte mycket som är sötare än kattungar och hundvalpar. Sörjer att vi är allergiska båda två. Framförallt är det synd om barnen som inte får ha husdjur.

    Comment by Malin — April 12, 2008 @ 7:11 am

  2. Just a bold statement. Just in all its

    Comment by Evgraf — November 5, 2008 @ 8:39 pm

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