April 29, 2008

Bellas Kittens at 3 Weeks

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It was sunday they turned a week older yes i am so far behind in posting here…
We did take them out the weather was nice and we where 4 to keep them in place and it wasnt more then five min if even that I just didnt want to use the flash..

But perhaps i should have cut the grass *laughs*
i got focus on the grass on all to many of these photos.

They are so cute and fussy and they re still not very stabil on the paws.

Meet Daisy’s Kittens aprox 5weeks

they have the cutest ears ever and they have curly bellies and are so playful
and funny its hard to belive that the other kittens soon will be like this.

This is the little girl, well with these fuzzy furry guys its realy hard to get a peek and figure out,
but that is what we think a boy and a girl they boy is solid gray.
Mom is a beaty but she is so skinny its terrible to see she is not in any worse conidtion, we saved them from beeing out down and they ended up in my house cause i havent had any of the upper raspertories that been going around.
little kittens are so sensetive.. Any way this morning when i got to them on my feeding and cleaning trip around my house, which starts in my own bed room.. well there she sat with her big amder eyes and she has a little blister on her lip it poped yesterday we are not sure what it is but she has a vet ap thursday.. i sat down andtoke her up in my lap her bony light lil body stirred around a little to find a comfy way to lay in my lap then she purred her little heart out and i saw the booboo might need a cleaning and that made me cringe as she bearly know me yet and i dint want to hold her down and such just yet? that is when i got mad and sad and all at same, mad at the people whom gave this cat up this loving lil beauty.prolly when they grew tired on her i doubt she is even a year and they stupidly have let her run outdoor with out seen to that she can not have kitten and then not feeding her properly and then to top it all of give her up with two kittens to a kill shellter grrr thats when i hate people
i begged teh cat to forgive mankind and spend a long time with her telling her she did not need to be afarid no more she would not have to starve not have to fear be given up again.People whom are not capable to love a animal so much that it becomes a family member should realy not have a the extent we have trouble adopting them out… any way i got over it and did the rest of my first cleaning and feeding of the day…
now i have wilma at my feet she wants her night cuddle, before she has to slink out of my bed back to her hungry kittens…
Please please do not let your cat out and please see to that they can not have or make kittens even if they are indoors as sadly sometimes cats sneak out and gets lost…. And most of all relise your four legged lil friend do love you and trust you and count on you

April 28, 2008

Wilmas Kittens 3 Weeks

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Wilma my crazy girl she has so much of the wild instincts in her, she is doing a lot of funny things but one that is takeing the price, allmost on the day of each week she wants to move her nest and she carries her little kittens away to a new spot her favorit is under neath a cabin that has a decorative trim on the bottom so its really narrow to get under but a little more space once your under, well lets say its so narrow my vaccum dont reach *hehe*
i have to pick out little dust balls and put them back in the crate and move the crate. sadly my bed room is not big enough i simply ran out of spots to move the crate so now the have a nest we improvise behinde a basket and on a pillow and blanket but she seems happy with it ,, Well honestly she and i was fighting a bit about it she keept taking the kittens back but then during the night i think the kittens crawled out tired on the hardwood floor and found the new nest,,,,

they are pretty good on walking now even if its still a bit wobbly and Wilma is talking to them all the time when the get out of the nest and i am sure she is giving them a hard time..

they first borne a tabby girl is the most outgoing and brave one they boy is the smallest and second in trying things

they largest the last borne the gray one is shyer and like mom and the nest best.

we are going to start with solid food soon and i will document that cause it can be qute funny and messy

I am pretty sure they dont like the camera flash and Wilma is protective and trys to get in between them and the camera knocking me of balance now and then *hehe*

They are so cute when they play and all off them likes a good belly rub

this is the little brave girl she is going to be a handfull i am sure i like that ina¬† cat i like cats with confidance I named her Tilda but the girls wants her to be Irma and the gary one to be Tilda well we will see whom takes them to the vet *haha* cause its there i have to report the names …….

This is just one summer i doubt i ever will be able to take on as many moms and babies ever again so i am trying to enjoy it to the fullest. hopefully next year by this time i am working and making some money….

well off to the gym for me when i get back i will post the 3 weeks photos of Bellas kittens that i toke yesterday.


April 23, 2008

Bellas Kittens Two weeks Old times just run past way to fast

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It was sunday and yes the photo is from sunday I have decided to try to take photos once a week on the kittens to see how they grow.

Bellas room is a bit darker and more cramped then my bed room where Wilma lives so the photos didnt come out any good

Its like summer here or late spring as the spring kind of just exploded I have this awsome three in my yard

I do not have a magnolia and they are by the way almost bloomed out now so this is the only flower three i have in my yard.

but I have something else in my yard most of the time,,, my lovely dog Vanja

yepp i have a dog in the middle of all these cats, I used to be a dog person now i am both or simply just a animal person *hehe*

Vanja turns seven this year but i can not belive it nor can she, she is still a puppy in her behavior both when it comes to playfullness and obidance.

and I am just a to soft mom i love her to much to get really hard on her..

She loves her yard and she protects it, and she greets all whom walk by and if they dont greet her she will give up some barks to say hey you didnt you see me i am just the cutes dog on earth and i want to be cuddled and greeted when you pass by. Well not every one knows that but few are afraid of her much do to her looks ppl tend to think cute dogs are nice while not so cute once are mean. I know this since this is my third dog and she is sort of a copy of my first but inbetween ihad Katja teh best dog there ever was but she was not cute in that way that ppl turn around and with a soft voice say ohh what a cute puppy,, but that dog was the smartest and nicest dog you would meet but ppl was afraid of her she was black and big and that is apperently terrifing for ppl whom are afraid of dogs… She wasnt mean looking or uggly but she was defenitly not a cute thing. nay way Vanja is spoled lots of ppl brings her treas and she knows who she gets really uppset if she is not out when the mailman comes as he always has a treat one neibour used to give her half his lunch sandwich untill he finaly caved in and bought a box of dog treats to give her each morning, and if she isnt out when he passes he will toss them in so they will be laying there waiting on her when she gets out in the morning.

I cant let Vanja out when the kids leave for school for there is no fence on earth that will keep this dog in when her girls leave she jumps anything and runs like crazy after them so she has to wait untill they are on a safe distance, and waiting is not Vanja strong side, as i said she is just as a little puppy..

April 19, 2008

Two Weeks Old

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Wilmas kittens became 2 weeks old yesterday (Friday)

The ears are unfolded, and they are looking more and more as little kittens.

They started to crawl out of the nest yesterday and Wilma is very bothered about this

They are also getting teeth and bites on eachother its sort of cute

they are trying to play a little and cleaning them self.

soon they are going to be so fast Wilma wont have a chance to gather them all up

Wilma is so snuggly and I can tell she is sometimes just wantigt to get away for a little, but as soon as the kittens whine she runs back,

She is extremly protective and Alice my cat, who is a little clown she figured this out and loves to tease Wilma meaning she walks past the door on the outside the jiggling of the bell makes Wilma growl and she puts her paw underneath the door to tease Wilma into rage,, so Wilma charges at the door head first growling and hissing which makes Alice day in some weird way only a cat can understand i guess.

April 16, 2008


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One Week Old

Bellas kittens are one week today and they are so cute a warm pile of fur….

Bellas is a great little mom

The first borne check his toes out one extra,,, his a brave one whom crawls around can stand a little on wobbly legs and allmost get out of the bed.

They still have not opened the eyes but we can see small slits now

are they not just the cutest ever

One week and One days

Wilmas Kittens have opened there blue, and can now see us

And they are growing so fast we can almost see it .

I have so many photos on these little once so i will probably post older once later when i have time to go through all of them

tehy do not wander out of the bed yet but i guess soon i will have a mess and many little paws running around

we do think the gray one is a boy his slightly bigger and the two tabbies are girls but it is still very hard to say…
They are so soft so cute I think they just get cuter now when the ears are folding out slwoly and they actully start to look like kittens…

Spring is here that is a fact and i am sooo happy

April 14, 2008


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This weekend I spent with my middle D at Long Island for a 2 days volleball tournament away from Cats kittens and all the mess they make.

However I missed them before the car parked at the hotel. we came way to late friday night as we left after extra practise she takes with the V team at high school (at which she will attend after summer) .

We went straight to bed 12.30 and feel a sleep pretty soon but well i had not more then fallen a sleep before the fire larm went off 01.30 and up we went i snatch my handbag but hat was it.. bare foot in pjs we headed down to the fojaeer to wait for over 30 mins for a fire man to turn it off and make sure it all was just a prank..

At the hotel was to the girls delight a high school boys la cross team ( or how ist spelled i do not understand that sport yet hehe) well not gonna point fingers they should want to sleep as much as our girls did or do they play late?? hmm

well 0600 we had to get up to shower and head out to the tournament.. the first day was painfully bad the lost extremly much medssed up..

I hade no hope at all for the second day nor did any one else i think as the day before went so bad we kinda joked about it,, at least we get home early perhaps even for dinner.

they won the first to games *wow* then the third lost fourt ( i think) then they just keept wining and they went on and on and the clock ticked away and it was so intensive i am suprised i have hair and nails still (haha)

I can not describe the joy on my doughters face when they made it to final nor the smile and sounds and happy leaps she did when they actully won it after a extra game to 15.. I didnt even have time to feel proud i just watched her with awe i was so happy to finaly see her like that after so much hard work.

I know not many kids get to ever get a gold medail in a sport so win many it sort of depends on sport o I think..

Okey she havent waited all that long she has not played all that long but its feels as its been long… today i been proud today i been able to think back yesterday was all about her and her happiness….

we came home late around eleven without have eaten dinner and not lunch either as lunch was sold out long before lunch time, the tournament LIBA was one of the absolute poorest orgnasied tournaments i ever been too. Not only was the food choises very narrow the food ran out the water ran out, and this when the girls play so many games and it wsnt like we where really close to a store or anything.

When i finaly had cleand all litter boxes and feed the cats and crawled up in my bed Wilma came purring up on to lay down on my chest she has missed me badly and been so stressed out that she has moved the kittens around a lot.

Or was it the fact we have a new cat living in the next room that stressed her out or was it a mix. I was happy to have her there purring her heart out while giving me kisses,,,, She has become part of my night rutine i miss having her on my chest now when she sleeps with her kittens but this night she went back and forth and i didnt mind weaking up when ever she came to me i had missed her so much the kittens has growed so much……

now its time for Wilma cuddle

April 9, 2008

Kitten Update

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Viktoria the name just did not feel right, thought we wanted her to have sort of a royal name *hehe* so now we call her Queen Bella *haha*

She had her 4 kittens Sunday and she had a pretty rough delivery the first two came with a half hour in between then it was a few hours and the second two came with in ten mins apart.

The kittens has such a soft fur its so different from Wilmas kittens and they are tiny.

when the fur was wet you could see small curls like where the tail start, so we think that at least two of them the first and last borne will be long haird the other two we are not as sure about.

They grow so fast you can almost see them grow. Today they all have round little bellies and movies squeezing around the bed, and Bella is such an caring and loving mom she bearly leavs the bed.

I just cant wait till these little guyes becomes two three weeks

Wilma is doing great she is extremly protective about her kittens and once i opened the door to go out the room and my cat Alice (curious alice) was sitting out side wich drives Wilma nuts. and i secretivly think Alice loves that..

well lets say i was in the shooting line and got one bite from alice and two from wilma i think not sure but some one got my toe and a some one my ankel… *hehe* i look terrible no shorts for me in a loong time my legs are all clawed up from kittens.
and i know when these little guys grow up it will only be worse..

and no its not normal that they bite as i said i was in the way and wilma is just the most protective mom there is her fearl side is realy shining through now.

Her kittens are growing enormusly and they are so huge compared to Bellas little tiny once.
there is one whom is the whiner his peeping for anything we cant touch him with out his giving up heartbreaking sound that makes protective mom run back instantly giving up food or cuddle time.

Wilma is a cuddle bug and she still wants her cuddle time, when i go to bed she comes as long as teh babies are quiet for some mom to mom time.

Well thsi si all about the cats for now i have to get ready and start running my crazy life i have some more to share but it will have to wait for a few hrs,, my goodies from studio Calico came yesterday and i so want to show them off…..
hope the sun warms what ever part of the world your at

April 7, 2008

Wilmas is a Queen

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I know i havent written in ages and this post may be long as i have so much to tell……. *haha*

Friday my youngest was having her Bday party one of the dance studios she takes lessons it was a last minute palning but we got it toghter pretty good she wanted it to be themed 70th and wed we where tiedying 12 (or something) tshirts to have in the party treat bags, I am glad my bassment where the washing machine lives int a really nice area cuase it was messy.

Friday morning i was running the last errends for the party plus subbing at the cat shellter cleaning cages, so when i got back home around 1230 i was tired and hungry I made my self lucnh and decide on something really odd to have it in bed…. well i wanted to spend some time with Wilma as the day would soon become busy at three I was suposed to be in school to see midle DD play basketball against the teachers the ticket was laying beside my bed.

Around one where i propped up in bed watching animal planet and Wilma came purring cuddling into my lap just as knew she would. I was relaxing and petting her she was laying against my chest her head burried under my chin she is such a sweet little thing her huge belly was calm. then all of a sudden she became restless and started to move around in my lap and then i saw it,,, blooooood omg she was going to have her kittens in my lap…..

i couldent move and i didnt know what to do i was burst with pride that she feelt so much comfort with me but at the same i knew it was almots two a clock now.

my cleephone rings and my sweet volunteer cordinator was outside wantng to drop of bday gifts for me and DD i told her about Wilma and said just com on up.

by that time Wilma slide of my lap and was laying next to me as close as she possible could. after that first visit we had more my oldest with a freind dropped by and then the kids came. in the midst of all this Willma got a bit more restless and the fact i needed to get out off bed made her run under the bed and into a small box we had given her one of 4 places we had made her.

but when i came back she keept jumping back and forth between the box and my bed so finaly i tooke the box and placed it in bed.

it was there she had her kittens i was there for the first two but i had to leave.

the third one came when i was in the car picking cake and pizza up me and DD arrived at the party at 620 and it was starting at 630 and i was to sett things up (wow) well thankfully they would dance first and that gave me time to set the table and decorate some.

I have no photos of my sweet DDS 12 yrs party as the camera where with my other DDs and the new Queen Wilma.

Sweet Wilma she is such a good mom but she was suposed to have four kittens and we where eagerly awaiting hoping for a orange tabby. but he never came sat morning i drove to pick a DD up at a sleep over along with a friend my poor girl was sick and would not go to her dance lesson i droped her off at home and started drivning the friend,, well teh problem was that wilma didnt get her fourth kitten and she was phasing around and acting starnge and she was running a fever.

so i had to call the vice presdient whom said take her to the vet now. and i relised i was 30 mins from my house and it was allready11.30 a saturday… welll what do you do … hmm i called home gave the girls instructions called the vet and thanked god the vet is basically 6 houses down the road no more then 4 min walk Then i wished i had one of those blue lights the cops have as i was on a mission,,,, *haha*

well I got to the vet in time safe with no dents on my car nor anyone elses as far as i can tell. I think the would have let me in a few minutes late as I was the one whom payed…

There was no more kitten in her but if she had otehr things left over he couldnt tell as she was running a fever we shoudl keep an eye on her and give her meds.

I think that was enough drama for me for one day and i went home to care for my pets and my sick baby. (12yrs baby)

plus doing such glamoruse things as cleaning the house.

Sunday we where all a big happy family the girls played catopoly in my bed watching Wilma and or the tv I was working in Illustartor and doing a laundry or two, a nice sunday with no must and nowhere we had to be wich is a rare gift in our house. we where going to eat Rostbeef with a sort of potato cassrol or what it can be called in english.

Anyway food that needs to be in the oven for a few hrs. at around six my odlest arrives from collage and is hungry as a wolf the grey cat whom i havent even spoken about here yet had been in her bed all day wich is kind of unsal for her as she is the biggest lap cat i know off. she allwasy comes to greet me and then jumps up in my lap as soon as i sit down. i didnt think much about it as i could feel her kittens was way smaller and i didnt think she was due for a other week or so.. wellllllllllllllllll huge wrong

at six my midle one cries out for help i am on teh phone hidden from the kids in teh back yard as guitar hero was on way to laodly in the house.. so i miss it i miss the firts one and the drama around it it was stuck for a moment and she didnt lick of the sack something she was doing poorly with each of them.

thankfully i had gone through every step with all the girls they knew what needed to be done and with a little towel dipped in warm water the rubbed carefully the small newborn to its first breath. I am so proud of them thats my girls.

Ofcause my oldest whom did this now wants that cat she has a bound to it that is spceal. and that kitten is a Hemmingway meaning it has six toes and he has the cutest little tail that sticks right up in the air not laying falt against the blanket as kittens tails usally do at this tender age and its all coverd in dark curly fur…

so well i guess have to let you all…


She is cutie silver gray paws and charchole gray fur, she is a lap cat whom either run away or been kicked out as she is by no chance a wild cat. however she has been out a while her fur needed some taming and she is not trusting people 100% yet.

But i do think that we did gain a huge amount of her trust last night. as we helped her with her kittens she do seem qute diffrent today.

We ate our dinner in shifts as she had tuff labors and was screaming and obviusly needed some help.

Around ten we had four kittens all of the very tiny compered to Wilmas huge once. and we had no idea how many she had so i sent the girls to bed and lay down on a sleeping bag next to the cat knowing er screams would wake me up if i feel asleep.

the hard floor woke me up around two by that time the mom was nursing and purring and half a sleep i dint think any more kittens would come so i kissed her good night added some food and went to bed finaly.

Well I now am a carzy cat lady as i have 11 cats in my house plus my lovely poor dog.

But what can I say I love pets and I love helping them out I will have 8 busy weeks, then i will have memories and my two youngest girls has been through two cat births now ( my oldest was through a cpl back in sweden) .

and i think it is very spcial to care for newborns and there moms its very spcial to take frightened cats and make them into secure lovebugs.

Viktoria she is already a love bug all she needs is a bit of time and someone whom wont give her up.

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