February 24, 2008

blog styling

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Okey i admit my blog is not the first thing on my to do list

and i been sick and the kids too

so its been a while since i wrote a word, but whats worse is it’s looks.. urgh me a designer i should be ashamed to allow my blog looking like this…

well the thing is i have no idea what i want it to look like cause i have simply no idea where it will end or why i am blogging

for what purpose and who are suposed to read it who’s attention am i trying to allure… i simply do not know and therefore i have nothing to work with, besides its just my blog. for personal stuff nothing to show up or so…

but if you some time pop in here while i am here you may see a odd looking blog with red or blue borders around stuff,, well uhmmm thats me working on the code behind,,,

I am not very good with php but i can not help it i see a page i have to pick the code apart i can not just settle with styling whats in there i have to know where it all comes from before i do that.

so i put borders around some building blocks just to keep track of what i am doing,, and yeah i am recodring what i am doing pretty much step by step so that i can perahsp one day post a tutorial on how to pick your wp apart and make it yours even if you dont understand or want to understand to much of php I am mostely doing that for my girls so they can build there own blogs and i don’t have to try achive to build what they want.

well its sunday i think i need to get back to my bathroom cleaning……. i want it done now now now so that i can get busy with more importend things like a nice sunday walk with my girls and the dog a cup of hot choclate in our lil village perhaps mmmm… Sundays with sun are so nice are they not??


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