January 7, 2008


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tomorrow Delwyn is going to the vet, we are all slightly nervous about what he will say.. her belly has shrunk a little more today and today she is a bit happier yesterday was’nt a good day.
so me and the girls had some fun this eve over a cup of tea before bed so this post wont be long my bed and my bed buddy Vaungh is calling on me.

Yestersday we toke Vaughn to the store as one of his brothers (Merric) was going home to his new family. (i am so happy for Him and his new family)
so Bran would be all alone in his cage so it was time for Vaughn to go to the store, I have to admit I had a heavy feeling in my belly when i drove to the store, and Vaughn was protesting loudly in His transport bag i seriously doubt it ws due to the girly pattern on it.

when we let him down with his brothers he hissed and growled at them perhaps he did’nt reogise them or he just wanted to establish a new order…
any way he wasnt in the store for more then a hour and some one toke great intrest in him and hopeefully he will soon get a new family.
But we didnt leave him there in the cage because little Bran was adopted that evening to ( happy for him and his family as well)
so we packed Vaughn back i to the transport bag (same girly pattern) and he didnt protest as much not sure if it was because he was to tired or if he knew we where going back home..
But that night in bed her crawled up to me closer and closer purring his amzing purr and ended up on my arm netsled in and he lifted his face to mine and licked me softly ad then just streched and purred i could really tell he was so happy to be back home his never showed so much affection and comfort at same time.. These are the times when you just want to call the shelter and say sorry his mine,, or you know that long haird cat well you know he got out his gone,,,

Sleeping with the cats has proven to be the best way to gain there trust but it comes with a prize and that prize are that you get attacthed to them you learn each little personality treat they have and tahst how you grow to love a cat…

like Vaughn whom comes to me every morning with his ball and wants to play fetch His well mannered tought as he waits till the alarm clock rings before he starts chirping for attention.
and each night he wants some play time and some cuddling..

and he has the most amazing purr ever ….

night night /m

January 5, 2008

F.I.P upset happy and confused

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Its been a few days i am struggling with working long days driving the girls and worring about Delwyn.. to fix my layout for this page just have to wait for a better day.
Alice (my lovebug cat) is in my lap trying to help me write this or not…(help that is)

Delwyns belly dosent grow more it is slightly shrinking so we have been in contact whit the shelter asking them about this and it was decided she would be looked at by a vet in a few days.

To day my contact person went to her personal vet with her own cats and spoke about little Delwyn the vet said that if a DNA test had been done it was 99% accurate and if she had FIP
ANd to my knowlidge it was done cause they told me they sent the test to a lab and if it had not been done i woudl take her to my vet and do it i had told my contact person that…
now my contact person had little to do with the vet saddly so she got same short info as i had simply the test came back negative…… meaning she had FIP..

today i catully calld the vet asked them to fax the papper work to my vet cause i wanted advice how to best take care off her for the short time she has left,, i got the answer there is nothing to do,, and i said i know,, but i want to know how to help her and make her life as pleasent as possible while she is still with us.

then i asked and i am so happy that i did.. what test did you do on her exactly and they sitoligi test (probably spelled wrong) so i asked what that meant and he said it means study the liquid,, slightly horriefied i asked.. so no DNA test was done?????????????????

And no there had not been a DNA test done….. the thest they done is easy to confuse with several diffrent desieses and not at all trust worthy,,,

I called my vet and left him a message that the DNA test wasnt done ( i have same vet as my contact person and we both prefer him before any vet)
so my vet called me back asked what i wanted done and my reply was simply EVERYTHING…

i am so mad this poor kitten has been twice to the vet and still the most reliable test has not been done when such a serious desies is suspected and that also has a effect on her sibblings and my own cats.

if its not FIP and a treatable illness she has gone around sick all this time for no reason and without treatment (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
I am mad and yet i am so full of hope i told my self not to be to hopefully but i cant help it i just cant help but hope that it is something else something we can actully fix…

well cant write more just now i am off to go and buy volleball shoes and a visit at the shelter

January 2, 2008

Delwyn a glimmer of hope

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Delwyns belly seems to have shrunk.. It really should not if it’s FIP
so we started measure it and we do measure it 3 times and dived it with three each time we measure as its hard to know if you measure at the same place since yesterday it seems like she shrunk a whole inch and a quarter. But we hold our breath yet and will keep measuring if she keeps shrinking we will on the third day rush her back to the vet because then it truly cant be FIP or she is the miracle cat whom fights it.

Today my middle daughter been in bed all day working on her lap top reading books doing homework etc but most of all she has been a pillow and a loving support for Delwyn…
We want Delwyn to know she is so loved so loved…
This evening I spoon feed her baby food (turkey) and after that she was purring like crazy She has been a little down today so we where happy when she started to purr again.
Last night we got her to eat vet cat (kitten) food we think that may have caused her to have a bit of a belly ache and is the reason why we thought she was a little down today cause in the eve she gulped down the baby food and was all happy again…

We have planed for if and found a small nice little animal cemetery that only are a few minutes away and we spoke to our vet and we can come whenever we need to it sounded like..

Yesterday i was at the store saying bye bye to one of Delwyns brothers whom now have a nice home, it made me warm and happy I needed that…
I also got to hear nice thinsg from my friends/ other volunteers,, thinsg like… “she is where she belongs and she is loved” etc it helps.
I found out i need a few minutes of supportive talk each day just to feel I am sane..
Tomorrow school starts and Delwyn has to be alone for a few hours thankfully i do not need to be at work until noon so its only three hours, we decided she will have some nice music playing and we are picking out some teddy bears for her..

Some where, some how in all this we still hope she are or will be the miracle cat…

We can’t do more then hope and wait and hope

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