January 23, 2008


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Today Frida was feeling a bit sick so she wasn’t going to dance which meant I would get a evening off driving *whoho*
I was thinking of all I was going to do first some laundry and paper work boring bills and school papers that needed to be taken care off especially since this weekend is going to be sooooooooo busy..

I was happily thinking about all I could do this night while driving home from the gym
(Yapp I got there finally)…
Just now I am done whit all the boring stuff and its well past my bed time *hehe* so much for playing with illustrator or perhaps adding some style to this poor blog or even writing a long text about the upcoming weekend with Frida performing at the big Wachovia stadium and Lovisa’s volleyball tournament.

Well another evening perhaps,,,,
I really do need a new lap top so I could do these sorts of things from bed.
My old lap top wont start unless you want to wait a hour or so and I am asleep before I got the dang thing to load any programs and internet well lets say it connect sometimes and I mean sometimes…

Well after all it’s been a great day I am so happy I got to go to the gym I decided we can’t eat dinner together as often as I want or I will never see the gym and I talked the girls through making dinner while driving… I knew I wouldn’t get any as I was going to be home only 10 mins before we had to leave for Frida’s dance,,, but she was feeling ill and we had a candle lit dinner, lasagna made by the girls whom even sat the table while I toke a swift shower

Off to bed I am
It’s been a long but good day
And I have plenty of other days to do things on


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