January 8, 2008

Dewlyn back at the Vet

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Today was the Vet appointment at the vet I take my own pets, it felt good to go there they all know me well… Delwyn was not whining when I toke her she just looked up at me with those sad huge eyes of hers, she has lost her voice it seems to come and gone a bit but she still purrs loud and clear some days more other less.

When we came in to the doc he was checking the paper work from the other vet and could not find any blood samples so I told him just to take new once, he looked at Delwyn and softly felt her belly, he opened her mouth and said it that it looked like FIP at a first glance. I almost broke down when he said it and asked what can I do for her, and please don’t just say keep up with what you do?? And how much longer do she has? And what will happen next? All these questions that constantly buzz around in my head came at once.

He said something about that she shouldn’t really be with us now and that it was odd that she wasn’t getting worse and that was what spoke against FIP.
He was going to take the liquid sample from her belly and asked if I could hold her or not,
Not of cause, I am a huge wimp when it comes to my pets…
I turned around and a tech had to hold the lil kitten while he toke the sample she whined just a little but His reaction was priceless for me…
“This is interesting it doesn’t look like FIP at all it looks like urine”
I could tell he was surprised and my doctor usually doesn’t say anything until he has test results.
So now my hopes are up a lot, but I have to be a realist in all this it can still be FIP I have to realize that.
The liquid sample is going off for DNA test a test that is 99% certain as far as I been able to read on the net.
When they did a blood simply Delwyn was crying loudly so loud that I was standing in a corner with my fingers in my ears and finally pleaded “please stop, are you not done soon” they asked me if I wanted to wait in the waiting room and I said “yes” and ran off… sheeeeeesh I am such a wimp. But she was screaming and crying and finally growling and hissing she got a light of fighting spirit left in her that little thing…
She peed all over the table so they got a urine sample too.

And we see her as the gentlest and sweetest cat ever (hehe)..

The Doc gave her a worm medication and prescribed antibiotics, as she isn’t treated for anything right now. He also said it could be a defect she was borne with if it’s not FIP.

He checked her catoracs and said that was not a regular catoracs that cats get by age it was a defect she was borne with and it did have an impact on her vision, but had nothing to do with the illness, there was other eye disease connected with FIP.
An operation would run somewhere about $2000 to $3000 and they could not do it here.
But he thought and I do to that it was nothing to bother with right now.

We haven’t seen that her vision is bad she isn’t clumsy at all.
The DNA test will take a few days
So now we have to wait again and wait and wait.

As soon as we got home Delwyn headed straight for my lap and purred loudly then for her food bowl she eats and eats and I have seen a increase in her eating of dry food and a decrease of her eating of human baby food (or erhm she is spoiled and don’t like ham)

When Lovisa got home later in the afternoon she called me and said she felt Delwyn was better she had more of her glimmer back in her eyes.. Can it be the antibiotics??
Who knows????

A few more long days of wait….

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