October 10, 2007

i dag

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October 5, 2007

To save a very small life

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Today has been a very eventful day indeed.
I was supposed to clean the house up for an inspection that I am having tomorrow but well what’s that compared to a life how small it may be.

My oldest DD came home because she needed to go to the doctor and of cause it would be nice if mom toke her and paid the bill,,, (hehe poor student)
Anyway afterwards we went for lunch in a nearby town as I wanted to show her where I used to work as well as just there it happens to be that sandwich lunch deli place that has the most amazing sandwiches and I whom normally don’t really like sandwiches, well needless to say I had been longing for them.

When we walked back to the car this unusually hot fall afternoon she shrieked and I thought what’s now and she said its alive its alive so I went around the car to see what was scaring her so much,,, but scared wasn’t really the note of her voice I think it was desperation or something like that as she had found about the smallest little creature I ever seen with 4 legs just a few yards from us there was a road work so she ran there to get water and sprinkled droplets of water nearby the little new borne naked creature that was laying in the gutter next to our car.

Well of cause the little one open its mouth and seemed to come very much more to life.
And of cause we could not leave him in the gutter I was thinking along the terms well the vet must have some sort of program for strays and wild animals they cant really make me pay so we toke it into the car and drove off to the vet the road workers are probably still laughing …..

While I drove to the vet things like “why me?” and “of cause me!” “Only I would pick it up and run to the vet” was swirling around in my head…

I drove fast and my daughter kept speaking to the lil one telling him was at least dropped by the right car and he would be safe now… (Yeah right I thought)
When I stepped in at the vet I said please do not laugh now….
We showed them the tiny creature and they could not tell us what it was but probably rat a squirrel or something like that and very new borne.
They didn’t want to take it either without having me pay for it and I just looked at them and sighed, asked isn’t there a wild life shelter nearby I kind of have enough with 4 foster kittens two of my own and a dog and strays that happens to come in my way..

Equipped with a map and a phone number we hurried back to the car, here was a life to save!!! And we where in a hurry to save it ……

DD called the number on the note and she quickly tried to tell them every thing and the response on the other side was,
-and why are you calling us?
-Well the vet said you take him, she said desperately
-And what did you say it was? They asked,,,,
-Well we don’t know a rat squirrel,,,, my DD replied..
-And the vet said we would take it at a hair salon?????

Well that gave us a laugh and put a brighter note on our rescue trip.
DD pulled out the little color full flyer from the rescue center and called the number listed there after a little she was connected to the right place and we where told we could come with the little life….

We drove into the forest and all felt really back to nature and fine this would surely be the place they would rescue the little baby and they wouldn’t laugh at us for not be able to leave him in the gutter.
We stopped by a house where hens where running around loose and a rooster was giving us his special greeting,,, or perhaps he was warning us for intruding,,, well I do not know but it felt great anyway.
We where so sure that now all would be fine for the little creature whom been crawling around helplessly seeking food in my DDs hand for an hour now.

He needs food I breathed forth as soon as we been able to open the bug filled door and entered into the shelter,,,,, can you please feed him?
A woman whom probably eat seaweed both for breakfast lunch and dinner looked down in my DDs had while a other came with a fleece clad cage,,,, it’s a mouse…..

You found a new born mouse!
I had to fill in paper work and we asked if we could call and check on him which we where more then welcome to do but they really didn’t think they be able to keep him alive its hard to feed something so little,,,
But to give us all kind of info about how to donate money they could.
So we quietly left with even more flyers.

In silence we drove back home way too late, I would be late to pick up at school…

But I tried!!!!
And that’s what we both agreed on,, that we did all that could be done if we left him he been dead at least now he had a chance even if a small one,,
but he had one and he was a fighter so perhaps he will survive ..

I really quickly had forgotten that initial feeling about that it was a mouse and why not a squirrel..
Honestly it was a life and I didn’t care I just could not see a living creature not be given a fair chance.. Guess I am turning into some sort of animal activist or something…..

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