September 30, 2007

my first Wp post

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Dinner is done and its late but the kids are baking so i have a few minutes to test this.

Me and the girls has just come back home from PALS where we clean cages and try to socialize and cuddle and play with the cats and invite people to play and meet them in hope of finding them good homes…

Pals do reject people and they have a no kill policie i think thats some of the reasons why i picked them… Every time i am there i fall in love with at least one often a whole bunch of cats and in the back of my head i think could ?? just one more??? But i know Pals will find them great homes eventually and while they wait i am one of those helping out making their life somewhat great… and then i always buy some silly stuff to Vanja, Alice and Chester.. today we found cat milk for Alice a bark bar for Vanja and actually Chester got nothing cuase he cant eat any fun things and right now my house is so filled of cat toys i really do not need a other one…

well the kids are about done so this will have to do, as my very first post in my new Wp blog


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